Celtic Glory

Thin places

Thin Place

The Celtic saints often referred to somewhere as a 'thin place'. This referred to when the Spiritual atmosphere of a location made it easy to connect with God, almost as though there is no barrier between heaven and earth. We might refer to such a place as a Spiritual portal, or an ancient well.  These places still exist and people hungry to encounter the living God will actively seek them out. We might call it a pilgrimage and some places are obvious like Iona in Scotland or Lindisfarne (Holy Island) in Northumberland. However, there are many ancient portals which are hidden and waiting to be discovered. Places where the air is still 'thin' and God can be easily found. These places are often where Christians in previous centuries worshipped and prayed, creating a portal like at Bethel, where angels ascend and descend between heaven and earth. 

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Culbone Chapel, Exmoor
Culbone Chapel
St Issui Patricio, Wales
St Issui Church, Patricio, Powys, NP7 7LP, Wales
Southill Church and Lower Manaton Well, Cornwall, UK
Southill Church on the north east corner of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall is a tiny…
My Heart Be Still
My Heart Be Still
St Nonna’s holy well, Altarnun, Cornwall
Location: OS map SX2243981533
St Veep and St Cadix
St Veep Church: St Veep, Lostwithiel, PL22 0PA, Cornwall
Fidden Cove, Mull, Scotland
Fidden Cove, Mull, Inner Hebrides Scotland
Re-opening Ancient Spiritual Wells of Revival
Snippets about Celtic Saints
A Sword and Three Angels
Brecon Cathedral: St Keyne’s Chapel
The Fiery Waterfall
The Fiery Waterfall: Vision, Culbone Chapel, Exmoor
An Ancient Portal: Talgarth
An Ancient Portal: Talgarth 
A Vision of Heaven at Brecon Cathedral
At the site of the ancient Rood Screen, Brecon Cathedral: A Vision of Heaven
The Angel of Compassion: An encounter
St Bueno’s Chapel, Culbone, Exmoor
Preparations for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb
Preparations for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb
I Left My Heart at Fidden Cove
I left my heart at Fidden Cove  
St Sampson's Church, Golant, Cornwall
St Sampson’s Church, Golant, Cornwall
St Elidius, St Helen's Isles of Scilly
Brecon Cathedral: An Ancient Well
Brecon Cathedral: An Ancient Well
Celtic Fire of Glory
Ancient Wells – Celtic lands on fire with Glory
Celtic Christian and Methodist Connection, Wales
(Trevecca College from an engraving of 1824: Photograph Wikipedia)
St Elidius and St Helen's Island, Isles of Scilly The Isles of Scilly St Michael's Mount, Cornwall glowing in the sunset Brecon Cathedral Fidden Cove, Mull River Fowey St Illtud's Monastery, Llantwit Major, Wales St Helen's Isles of Scilly - remains of the Christian community St Helen's, Isles of Scilly - soft sand and blue sea St Helen's Isles of Scilly - wild, remote, beautiful St Elidius' prayer oratory The prayer oratory of St Elidius, St Helen's, Isles of Scilly The Scilly Isles Bryher, Isles of Scilly, Atlantic coast Bryher, the edge of the world - Isles of Scilly Brecon Cathedral Interior Brecon Cathedral looking towards St Keyne's Chapel Fidden Cove at high tide, Mull, Scotland Fidden Cove, sunrise, Mull, Scotland St Illtud's Monastery, Celtic Cross Purpitch Beach, St Martin's, Isles of Scilly St Martins, Isles of Scilly St Veep, Cornwall St Cadix, St Cyric's Creek, Cornwall