St Illtud's Monastery at Llantwit Major in Wales was a major monastic centre during the Celtic Christian era. The current medieval church stands on the same site and houses some beautiful high crosses. It also retains the amazing presence of a 'thin' place and the church is permeated with the worship and prayer of centuries. Many monks were trained here and travelled across Wales, Ireland, Cornwall and France from this place, sharing the gospel of Jesus, healing the sick, overcoming evil and performing miracles. Illtud, Dubicius and Samson are all associated with this place.

Llangorse Lake with the Black Mountains, Wales Llangorse Lake at the water's edge Llangorse Lake beauty, Wales Brecon Cathedral looking towards St Keyne's Chapel St Illtud's Monastery, Celtic Cross Brecon Cathedral Exterior Llantwit Major Church, Cradle of Welsh Christianity Llantwit Major High Celtic Cross Brecon Cathedral main nave, Wales, UK Brecon Cathedral, site of rood screen Brecon cathedral interior arches Brecon cathedral blue angel in stained glass Brecon Cathedral, picture Peace Llangors Lake, Llangasty Gospel Pass, The Black Mountains of Wales St Issui Patricio Church, The Black Mountains, Wales St Issui Patricio Church, Wales

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