Llantwit Major was a very important centre of Celtic Welsh Christianity. St Illtud founded a monastic centre here which trained monks in literature and mission. Many famous saints are associated with the centre including St David, patron saint of Wales, St Samson, St Dubricius, St Beuno and others. Today it is still a place of pilgrimage and holiness. There are several ancient Celtic carved crosses housed in the church dating back to the early medieval period. It's also a very special place to pray with Christians having prayed on this site for over 1600 years continually. 

Llantwit Major ruins
Llantwit Major exterior
Llantwit Major plaque
Llantwit Major angel window
Llantwit Major mouse
Llantwit Major rabbit
Llantwit Major 3
Llantwit Major interior 2
Llantwit Major tall stone 2
Llantwit Major exterior church
St Illtud's Monastery, Llantwit Major, Wales Celtic Crosses St Illtud's Monastery, Celtic Cross Llantwit Major High Celtic Cross

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