Brecon cathedral is an ancient Christian site of worship. This photo shows the site where the wooden rood screen once was. This would have been a carved screen with a crucifix image of Jesus Christ on the cross. Apparently the one in Brecon cathedral was embellished in gold. It was removed during the reformation but prior to this was a place of pilgrimage and known for miracles of healing. The pilgrims would mount steps leading up to the screen. The doors half way up the walls are still visible. Steps would have led up to them. From here the pilgrims would walk along, touching the crucifix. Whilst some may call this superstition for others it would definitely have been faith and there are reports people were healed. Early on when visiting this cathedral I had a vision of a very large angel on this site. Before I knew the history, God told me it was an angel of healing. It still stands where the rood screen stood and awaits people of faith to visit. 

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