Llangasty is associated with St Gastyn who mentored all of King Brychan's children. They then went on to evangelise across Wales, Cornwall and into France. It's a beautiful lake, nestled at the base of the Black Mountains in south Wales. In the middle of the lake is a crannog, a defensive man-made island used in ancient times as a homestead. This is the only one in Wales and England but others exist in the Celtic lands of Ireland and Scotland. However, for me, the appeal of the lake is on the side of the nature reserve where Gastyn lived and prayed. It still feels a thin place, a place to linger, to pray, to expect an encounter with the living God.

Llangors lake
Llangasty church
Llangorse Lake with the Black Mountains, Wales St Illtud's Monastery, Llantwit Major, Wales Llangorse Lake at the water's edge Llangorse Lake beauty, Wales Brecon Cathedral looking towards St Keyne's Chapel St Illtud's Monastery, Celtic Cross Brecon Cathedral Exterior Llantwit Major Church, Cradle of Welsh Christianity Llantwit Major High Celtic Cross Brecon Cathedral main nave, Wales, UK Brecon Cathedral, site of rood screen Brecon cathedral interior arches Brecon cathedral blue angel in stained glass Brecon Cathedral, picture Peace Gospel Pass, The Black Mountains of Wales St Issui Patricio Church, The Black Mountains, Wales St Issui Patricio Church, Wales Replica Crannog, Llangors Lake, Wales

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