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Brecon Cathedral: An Ancient Well

brecon cathedral

Brecon Cathedral: An Ancient Well

I prayer walked around Brecon over several years, always ending up in the cathedral high above the town. It’s an imposing and rather sombre looking building, enclosed behind castellated walls with its collegiate buildings and gardens. However, inside, it’s beautiful though quite austere. I had absolutely no idea what adventures I would have with God in this ancient church!

Early on I remember walking into the cathedral as a tourist was exiting. I heard him say ‘It’s just an empty, dead box’.  I was shocked but as I entered the cathedral my heart cried out to the Lord, weeping. After all, this site has had continual worship for over 1500 years, having been founded in Celtic times. How could it be dead?

Then I heard Him whisper ‘Look up’ and my eyes were opened to see in the Spirit realm. In the rafters high above the chancel of the cathedral, perched on the wooden beams were a multitude of angels. They were squashed together and waiting. Some had trumpets. I heard the Lord say, ‘Command them to blow the trumpet’.  I followed His instructions and could ‘hear’ the sound ring out in the Spirit.

A little while later when praying, I was aware of a much larger angel present in the church. I was somewhat shocked by its appearance. It was the height of the whole cathedral. It had shocking long, wavy auburn hair and was wearing emerald green robes.  I was a bit taken aback by its rather dishevelled appearance and bored manner.  The Lord then started to speak again about how this was a healing angel and it was bored because no-one was calling out to God for healing. He asked me to pray for a healing revival once more to break out.

When I read the history of the cathedral, I learnt that there used to be a rood screen at the spot where I could see the angel.  Pilgrims would visit this place and climb steps to touch the screen and they were healed.  I became aware that the anointing for healing is still there, but the angel is not having much work to do at present. The well is being guarded but needs to reopen.

I visited again a few years later and was pleased to see the angel was no longer dishevelled but more alert. I sensed already there has been a shift in the spiritual places and it was getting ready.

Many other visions and spiritual experiences have happened during my visits to Brecon cathedral and I began to be interested in why this was so.  What was the deposit of God that remained active even when there doesn’t appear to be much visible vibrant spiritual activity, albeit there is always a faithful remnant of pray-ers and worshippers in any congregation?

In 2005, whilst praying I again saw Brecon Cathedral, even though I wasn’t present.

In a vision, I saw the cathedral with pure swirls of colour shooting out of it and swirling into the atmosphere and right across town, all along the main streets.  There was such a sense of joy and expectation.  I saw the Lamb of God slain for the world standing at the market cross. Blood and water spread out from him. Colour swirls were all around in the Spirit realm. There was such a sense of joy and excitement. ‘Now is the time.’ It felt like things were beginning.