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Samson and Serpent

Fire-Spitting Snake

Samson and Amon Encounter a Snake

As an adult, Samson is on a journey with his father.  They are chatting amicably as they clamber over rocks and boulders along their steep path.  Overhead it’s a warm, sultry day and the sun is piercing through a cloud layer, making it quite balmy and an enjoyable walk. Sunlight dapples through the leaf canopy of the forest and they are relaxed in each other’s company.

‘It’s good to be together son’ Amon says, clapping his son on the shoulder. 

‘It is indeed father. It’s great to have you on this journey with me. Thanks for coming.  Shall we break up ahead on that boulder? Should be a good view.’

Amon nods, ‘Sounds good to me. I’m ravenous’

Nearing the boulder, they begin to clamber up it, feeling the warmth of the rock under their hands when suddenly Samson catches a flicking movement out of the corner of his eye.

‘Snake!’ he shouts to his father. 

They both stop, stock still, carefully scanning the rocks around them.

‘There!’ Amon says steadily staring into between rocks at a layer exposed to the sun, just a few feet from them. ‘It’s a dangerous one son, let’s go carefully.’

With their staffs at the ready, to defend themselves, they are about to move when the snake strikes.  Spitting fire and venom it darts towards them in one swift movement, winding itself around Samson’s staff so he’s unable to defend himself. Any second it will strike. Samson immediately begins to recite ‘The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?’ ³ from Psalm 27. The serpent, although wrapped around the staff, seems unable to lift its head, strike, or spit fire.  There’s a battle for life happening.

Samson calmly continues. At exactly the right moment he issues a command at the serpent, ‘In the name of Jesus Christ die in our presence this very hour’. The serpent suddenly goes rigid.  It stands on its tail letting go of the staff.  In its dying throws it spits out its venom on the ground and is still.’ (Psalm 27:1-2, Luke 10:19)

Samson flicks the dead carcass away with his staff, watching it fall between the rock crevices and out of site.  ‘Phew! That was a close one.’

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Amon and Samson instinctively fall to their knees in a prayer of thanksgiving for their deliverance, both knowing what a close encounter with death they’ve just escaped.