Celtic GloryPoetry

The Wild Places

The Wild Places

sea turquoise

I’m pulled to the edge of the world

The wild places, high places

Cliff edges and raging rivers

I’m pulled to the wilderness

Where few venture or tread

I’m pulled to the thin places

Where God’s breath has led


On the edge of the world

My heart is free

To soar and lift beyond despondency

To see in creation a loving hand

That charts my life

And guides my stand


Here on the edge by sea cliff

River dip or mountain peak

I wait expectantly for You

Drawing near in the wilderness

Longing for Your voice

Aching to experience

What saints before have told

Something compelled them to venture far

At risk of death

To share God’s love

A power far greater

Than work of man

To travel and never return


A fire in their bellies

A cause too great to spurn

A righteous endeavour

Calling out greatness and love


To wander as pilgrims

As hermits, as friends

To endeavour together

Until life’s end


To spill their blood for eternal life

To share God’s love

In the face of death

A calling higher

Than life itself

Eternal riches

In the core of themselves.