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Sword and Angels

A Sword and Three Angels

Brecon Cathedral: St Keyne’s Chapel

I was making this journey because a few days previously God had told me He had a sword waiting for me at Brecon Cathedral. In obedience I travelled up from Cornwall.

On entering St Keyne’s Chapel I was immediately aware that there was indeed a sword waiting for me on the altar. I could clearly see it in the Spirit realm.

I saw the gold sword, about 6’ long lying on the altar. God told me to pick it up immediately. I was hesitant as I had only just arrived. However, in obedience I went and picked it up as a prophetic act in the Spirit.  I held it with both hands in front of me and it felt like I was holding the heavy sword. I swayed a bit until balanced. I had to just put it in my belt at the front.

The sword was inscribed, and I could read what its purpose is. Written on one side was:

Warrior of the Most High God, Faithful intrepid

And on the other side was:

Dragon slayer, Demon defeater

Inquiring when I am to use the sword, I’m told it’s only when God tells me to.

‘You will bring it down in judgment on evil and sin’. I see it slicing downwards but not in hand to hand combat as it would be too unwieldy. This is for use during prophetic intercession.

(A few weeks after this encounter, I am on holiday in Sussex and browsing an antiques market. I come across a replica sword used in theatre productions and it is exactly the size and shape of the sword I received by faith in the Spirit realm. I buy it spraying it gold to look like the one I’ve been given and write the words on the sword. I’ve used it many times over the years during intercession prophetically and it is powerful when God says to wield it.)

At this point I became aware that three angels were present and sensed they would be coming back to Cornwall with me, (which indeed they did and remain here).

The Three Angels, their appearance and functional role.

I knew each of the angel’s names and what they role was to be.

Illyricum: He is a beautiful, golden winged angel with flowing robes and a trumpet. He stands on my left.  Illyricum drops a key on my breast. He tells me to pick it up and brings out a box book from his robe. I put the key into the lock to unlock it. The door opens. I hear ‘The Idyll of the King’ then ‘Songs of the heart’ and know I will be able to come back any time now the door is open. I will get further illumination of what the phrases mean in days to come. However, the friend with me sees I am given a big bunch of golden keys to open books which the Lord will give me. 

Illyricum is a healing angel and was commissioned by the huge Brecon healing angel.

Majericum: He is an angel of fire and a warrior. His wings up and out behind him dramatically. He wears full armour of a leather doublet, leather skirt and belt. His sword is unsheathed ready for combat. He is adorned in golds and burnished bronzes and has legs which are flames of fire. God tells me Majericum will stand in front of me and guard my breast. He’s stern, not unfriendly but on duty. In years since there have been occasions when I’ve been aware of his protection over my life.

The Angel with No Name.  The third angel has no name. This is a humble angel whose role is to spread God’s glory. It is dressed in an unadorned white robe tied with a gold rope and has halo over its head. Its wings are small and its whole presence is unassuming, not glorious because it must NEVER touch God’s glory or draw attention to itself. There is a beautiful quietness about him, the angel with no name.

Brecon trip 26th June 2012