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Fiery Waterfall

The Fiery Waterfall

The Fiery Waterfall: Vision, Culbone Chapel, Exmoor

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During a time when I was visiting Culbone daily, I came to know something of Bueno. Now when you mention the Celtic saints, I wonder what comes to your mind. For me it was a picture of grey bearded, somewhat sombre men in monks’ habits.  So, imagine my surprise when one day I see a vision of Bueno and he’s young, not more than 20!  He’s tall, lanky, blond, and full of so much energy, his joyous exuberance is infectious.  He runs up hills and rolls down fields laughing. He splashes in the stream, shrieking with joy. There’s nothing quiet or sombre about him. He’s fully alive.  It’s so unexpected. He’s the last person I expected to be living the life of a hermit! I’m enthralled and then I enter an ‘out of time’ encounter where our spirits meet each other (Matthew 17: 1-3).

Now bear with me here, as I try to explain something which happened in the Spirit realm and translate it for you. Don’t try to analyse but see what God reveals to you through this encounter and what He might stir in your heart as I share it.

An Encounter with Bueno

In the vision, I’m sitting companionably with Jesus on a bench.  He says there’s someone he wants me to meet. It’s Bueno!  

Bueno comes and kneels at Jesus’ feet. He looks this time, to be in his early 30s and he joyfully calls Jesus, ‘my brother’ (Matthew 12:50).  His adoration of Jesus is beautiful. They are clearly intimate friends.  I’m introduced as a friend of Samson’s. Bueno is like an excited puppy to be with Jesus and hear of Samson.

Then he asks Jesus what tasks he has for him today in heaven. It’s clear that he’s fully used to visiting heaven, receiving instructions, and bringing them to earth. I know, without being told that he does great exploits through prayer and is hugely excited to be given this task (2 Corinthians 12:2).

I hear Jesus say, with a smile in His voice, ‘Take her’ and he puts my hand into Bueno’s.  ‘Let’s climb together sister’ and we start walking up a heavenly staircase which appears in front of us (Genesis 28:10-19). He starts leaping and running up laughing. I’m a bit serious and slog behind him.

‘Sister, it’s not hard. We rise by faith, by wings of faith.’ My spiritual eyes open fully, and I can suddenly see angels’ wings under our feet lifting us up (Psalm 91:11-12). I loosen up, as faith fills my heart, feeling myself become weightless, I start rising.  I now see angels on either side of me. They are steadying me as I ascend, gently guiding my steps and assisting me.

We pass through galaxies, stars spanning out all around us in clouds of glorious swirling colours. I’m aware demons are there but I’m protected by the angels and pay them no attention. Bueno is slightly ahead but always checking I’m still with him.

I have no reference for what happens next so will share as it happened. A waterfall comes into view. I pause, puzzled. It’s certainly not one of water and I’m uncertain. Then I realise it’s orange lava, flowing as a waterfall. The moment I realise this, I simultaneously know in my spirit, it is called ‘The Fiery Mountain of the Lord.’  Steam rises from the lava and as I draw closer, I can see this really is a frightening, flowing river of fire (Daniel7:10).

I’m no longer hurrying but feeling fear. Whatever is this? What is going to happen? I look at Bueno for reassurance. Instead, he dives headfirst, shouting ‘Into the fire we go.’  I want to scream but am fixated on the spot; hesitant, scared, terrified.


Bueno’s head emerges laughing joyously.  ‘Come on my sister. Do not be afraid. This is one of our Father’s richest blessings.’

I won’t pretend I just took his word for it. Inside, my real reaction was, ‘Really! You expect me to dive into fire!’ and I pull back instinctively. Yet, I am compelled forward again. I still hesitate slightly but then, with a leap of faith, I jump into the fire, whilst holding my breath.

I go down, down, down, down.  My eyes open, and I can see clearly, like crystal clear, like glass. My vision is perfect.  I’m in the fire but not being burned. Somehow, it’s totally still, peaceful, and silent, like I’m in a contained bubble under water. It doesn’t even seem orange.  I see my air bubbles being release as I sink but I’m no longer even bothered. Bueno is with me all the time.

We sink lower and deeper.


He points to the bottom, where I can just make out a golden key lying. Bueno indicates I’m to pick it up. There’s no panic now but a deep, holy stillness. I sink to the bottom and reach for the key. As I pick it up, it burns my hands, yet I feel no pain. Then the mark of Jesus on my forehead throbs as if in recognition of the key (Revelation 22:4).

I hold it in my hands, silently questioning Bueno what to do. Without words, he knows my thoughts and points directly to my heart. In response, I press the key against my heart. It melts through my outer skin and gets absorbed directly into me. At this point, I have no idea what any of this means.

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Bueno points to the surface and we rise swiftly, emerging into a bubbling pool of fire below the waterfall. I look down at my chest and can see the golden key there, throbbing with life.

All the time I’m in this encounter, I’m asking God, ‘What is this key? What is it for?’

I’m aware the key carries the deep stillness I experienced in the river of fire. As I pray, I sense it’s a key to the Kingdom of God, a key for healing of broken hearts with the fire of God’s love.  

Before I’m aware everything changes.

Bueno and I are suddenly descending by a pole which twirls. We go round and round, swiftly yet quietly and then we are back at Culbone laughing.

Jesus is waiting. ‘Was that fun?’  Jesus places his hand on my heart ‘Be free to be Me to the broken hearted’ (Isaiah 61:1). And with that the encounter ends and I’m left pondering what has just happened.