Celtic Glory

Culbone Chapel

Culbone Chapel, Exmoor

Culbone Chapel on Exmoor is situated in a steep wooded coombe accessible by foot. It is the tiniest church of England building and situated on an ancient Christian Celtic site, next to a bubbling brook. The setting is almost surreal, hidden by the trees and steep sides of the coombe. It nestles in a small enclosure and draws the curious to enter. The striking stillness, cutting out all outside sounds, draws the visitor to linger and wait. Waiting for God seems natural and obvious in a place permeated by the prayers of others and pulsating with the presence of God still. It is a special place, one well worth visiting with an expectant heart to encounter God.

The Fiery Waterfall
The Fiery Waterfall: Vision, Culbone Chapel, Exmoor
God's End-Time Army
The End-Time Army, St Bueno’s Chapel, Culbone, Exmoor
The Angel of Compassion: An encounter
St Bueno’s Chapel, Culbone, Exmoor
Preparations for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb
Preparations for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb
Culbone Chapel interior Culbone Chapel, Exmoor in the Sunshine Culbone Chapel, Exmoor, from the rear Culbone Coombe, Culbone Chapel, Exmoor