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End-Time Army

God's End-Time Army

The End-Time Army, St Bueno’s Chapel, Culbone, Exmoor

Going again to the chapel after visiting the previous day, I’m once more waiting in God’s presence. This time, I see in the Spirit realm a tall, thin, wooden arched door, set into a rock face.  It feels ancient and through an open crack I see a shaft of sunlight streaming, lighting up the cleft in the rock in which it’s set.  Bathed in bright golden and white light it is narrow but highly appealing. I suddenly hear a voice:

‘Ancient path. Walk in it!’ I’m immediately reminded of the verse which started me on this journey into the Celtic Christian world, Jeremiah 6:16

This is what the Lord says:

‘Stand at the crossroads and look.

Ask for the ancient paths,

Ask where the good way is, and

Walk in it,

And you will find rest for your souls.’

As I go towards the door, in the Spirit, a bright light-covered hand reaches out and pulls me in swiftly, almost sharply. It takes me by surprise, and I can’t hesitate. I hear the door close behind me. I can’t see whose hand it is, bathed in light but I can sense their joyous excitement. However, I’m unsure, reticent even. I want to look around, get my bearings. The sunlight dances on this narrow cleft.

My companion speaks saying, ‘Don’t linger. This isn’t the destination’ but I’m fascinated. I sense their ‘urgency’, ‘impatience’ is the wrong word. It’s more like ‘intentional purpose’.

‘Up ahead is a wide-open space’ my companion continues but I sense I’m happy being hidden away.

‘But you can’t stay here.’

‘Why not? I like it here.’

‘But you have work to do.’

My heart seems to sink at the word work.

‘OK’ he continues, ‘you can take it steadily, but you do have to come out of this season.  He needs you to.’

I glimpse up ahead and many people are there. I see the silhouette of a mother holding a child by the hand. I can see all these people. Each has a mark over their heads like a colourless flame. They are milling around not connecting but on mobile phones. They don’t even notice each other. I hear the words, one by one: ISOLATION; LONELINESS; DESPAIR; GODLESSNESS; FAITHLESSNESS; FATHERLESS; ABANDONED; HEARTLESS; BROKEN-HEARTED; SUICIDAL; ALONE; BEREFT; ANGRY; FRUSTRATED; DETERMINED; AFRAID; ABUSED; DISGARDED; UNLOVED; TERRIFIED.

I know that all of these are destined ones. All are marked and called by Jesus but distracted by the cares of the world. Yet they are in sunlight, in a beautiful place.

My companion turns to me, ‘Just say the word.’

I don’t quite know what he means except I have to say something, and I sense it will get their attention.

‘Speak the word; shout the word. WAKE UP OH SLEEPERS! WAKE UP!’

Sunrise rays

So, I speak and shout the word, three times in obedience. I do it in the natural as well as in the spiritual realm.

I watch as the people look up suddenly and drop their phones, mouths gaping open as angels drop from the sky. One goes to each person and delivers the message,

‘You are called by God Most High.  You are called. Will you trust?  Will you obey? Will you follow?’

With that they put a hand on people’s hearts and a burning fire is ignited within.

‘What is this I feel within me?’ They muse.

Suddenly these people feel alive and notice there are others around them.  They begin to greet each other and interact, linking arms.  Most are young people under 35.  Joy marks them out and above their heads an orangey yellow flame is now lit, where before it was a colourless flame.  In unison they begin to sing:

We have a purpose

We have a plan

Walking forward

Hand in hand

Following Jesus

Isn’t hard

Our hearts sing

We belong to the KING!

I see hundreds and hundreds forming together in groups, as families who love God whole heartedly. Each receives assignments and together they run forward excitedly and purposefully.  No-one is wandering around aimlessly anymore. All are purposeful.

I’m standing watching with my companion.

‘But who are these?’ I ask.

‘These are the end time army of the King. Sold out lovers who will usher in the return of Jesus and live as carriers of My glory. You will meet many of them. You will shelter, support, mentor, encourage and cheer onto greatness those I bring to you and those I take you to.’

God Himself is speaking to me.

I run forward. ‘I want to be a part of this!’  I run out of the cleft in the rock, out into the full light of the wide-open space. The moment I do, some gather around me, about 12 in a circle.

I’m pondering what all this means.

‘It will fall into place.’ And suddenly I’m out of the vision and back in the chapel.