Culbone Coombe leads down to Culbone Chapel, Exmoor, which is set on a steeply wooded hillside by the sea. It is accessible only on foot for the general public and is the smallest Church of England place of worship in England. 

Thought to be built on the site of an ancient Celtic prayer oratory, it's possible worship has continued here uninterrupted for over 1500 years! Set in an open glade next to a babbling stream, the setting is idyllic amongst the heavily wooded hillside. Enter the chapel and a deep hush pervades cutting out what little noise there is outside. It's easy to still yourself and realise that this is a holy place, set apart for the worship of Almighty God. There's a reverence in the atmosphere and a stillness of the presence of God. 

I go there to worship Jesus, to pray but primarily to wait and listen to what He wants to say and reveal. Over the 25+ years I've been visiting, this has led to some incredible supernaturally Spiritual encounters with angels and with Jesus. I've shared some of them on this site, not to draw attention to me, but to cause you to be hungry enough to go and visit for yourself. 

I'm convinced that anybody who goes to Culbone Chapel and is desiring to meet with God will find Him waiting there for them. Not the sceptic. Not the cynic but the genuine seeker after the truth about God.  It is truly a 'thin' place, as the Celtic saints would call it -  a place where Heaven and Earth appear to have no separation.  I encourage you to visit, to linger and see for yourself what I'm talking about.

Culbone Chapel interior Culbone Chapel, Exmoor in the Sunshine Culbone Chapel, Exmoor, from the rear

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