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Fidden Cove

Fidden Cove, Mull, Scotland

Fidden Cove, Mull, Inner Hebrides Scotland

Fidden Cove is one of my favourite places in the whole earth.  For me it is one of the ‘thinnest’ places I know.  I don’t even need to talk to God. I can almost walk straight into His presence.  There’s a weight of His glory and peace here in the air – much as I imagine the earth when it was first created. I don’t know why it is such a place. Perhaps Celtic monks lived lives of prayer here or stopped a while and left a deposit of God. I’ll never know.

There’s no ‘white’ noise just quiet lapping of surf, rippling of wind on water, cry of heron, oyster catcher or curlew.  Hares graze with grey lag geese, sheep munch and seals bask, looked on by a masterful heron. 

The sun glistens through grey cloud bouncing on luminous water and sending shimmers of silver or golden light over the rose granite and slate grey rocks already clad in ochre lichen.  Green moundy grass on peat swathes the outgoing rivulet and tiny colourful jewel-like shells mass in crowds where the tide withdraws and leaves them.

For me, Fidden is the home for my heart, a place of solace and solitude, looking out over to Iona, a place of pilgrimage and longing, of thanksgiving and a promise of all that awaits in eternity.