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Celtic Fire of Glory

Ancient Wells – Celtic lands on fire with Glory

Back in the mid-1990s, I suddenly found myself in a vision, which continued intermittently over two days. I was attending a conference and it started when I was lost in worship of Jesus. In the vision I saw a map of the British Isles from an aerial view. I was looking down clearly on all the islands and the coasts, where each of the Celtic areas was lit with flames. I watched as fire licked the coasts of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Scotland, Northumberland, Wales, and Cornwall. The vision transitioned and it was as though I was watching a video being rewound to the beginning. (This was before new technology). It started with a clergyman in his modern robes and went back through each century. The clothing changed as it went back in time. I watched centuries of different vestments until the video eventually stopped with a man clothed in a modest homespun habit tied with a cord. I knew now it had stopped at the time of the Celtic saints.

Again, the vision moved and zoomed in on the map highlighting two spots in Wales. I realised I was looking at specific towns.  Later, I checked, and they were Builth Wells and Brecon, both in mid Wales. Later the vision changed again.  Now the focus was on a town square with a monument in the centre.  I was with three others and crowds were gathering around us. We were passing out cups of water to the thirsty people, handing them over heads to the many behind. I saw women in rags and desperately burdened walking up from the Welsh valleys to this place. Then I saw men, symbolically dressed as miners with hard hats and lights still on. They were following the women, all of them coming up from the Welsh valleys (the traditional place of Welsh mining in bygone days) I could hear the desperation of the women calling ‘please help us’ and in the vision I was saying ‘hang on, we’re coming’.

And so, the vision ended but my involvement in ancient wells began and my travels to Brecon.

I started to visit Brecon, to scout out the land and try to see what God was saying. On entering the town, I was amazed to see that the square was the one I’d seen in my vision. I really hadn’t realised this. The only difference was in my vision the monument had appeared as a large cross but in the natural is a statue of a man. Over the years, I have revisited Brecon constantly, praying in the Cathedral and encountering God in amazing ways. Many are shared on this site to encourage you to visit and seek God for yourself in this ‘thin place’.