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Wynwallow Church

St Wynwallow Church Landewednack, The Lizard

St Wynwallow Church, Landewednack, The Lizard, Cornwall

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The location of this church is the most southerly in the UK. Hidden down an ancient lane leading to Church Cove, it sits amidst mature trees and alongside ancient thatched cottages. The location is beautiful and breathtaking. As we approached the church in early July, swifts were nesting in specially provided boxes in the church tower and the cacophony of calling was immense and delightful.

Not much is known about Wynwalloe's association with The Lizard but there is another church dedicated to him at Church Cove, Gunwalloe, as well as this one at Church Cove near The Lizard. 

He was a Breton Celtic Christian living about 460-532AD and the founder of a monastery in Brittany Landevennec Abbey, also known as the Monastery of Winwaloe, on the banks of the River Landevennec's estuary. It is just south of Brest. He was the son of prince of Dumnonia, the Brythonic kingdom which is now Devon and Cornwall. His parents fled to Brittany to avoid the plague and he was born there. He was educated by Budoc and had a vision of St Patrick which led him to found his own monastery. There are churches dedicated to him in Cornwall, Devon, Wales, and a monastery in Norfolk as well as Brittany. Tradition says he founded these himself but it can't be corroborated but he may well have sent out his disciples to these places or his successor Gwenhael who did come to Britain may have named the churches after Wynwalloe.

Inside, the church was as beautiful as on previous visits. This is one of my all time favourite places to come and pray for the sense of God's deep presence and peace. There is a tiny chapel on the right with an altar. It's intimate and slightly hidden from anyone else entering the church, so it's easy to relax without interruption. 

The peace is heavy in this church.

I love it here.

To be totally still, sitting with God - what a gift!

Just being in God's presence is enough, that companionable silence. Yet I'm surprised by an unusual vision and encounter as I rest in His presence. I find myself in a vision where I am looking at a young man with Downs Syndrome who looks about 18. I sense that he lived here, when God begins to speak. 

"I loved him. He is with me now. His simple, child faith-filled prayers changed things. His mother loved me."  I see them holding hands swinging their arms and worshipping God joyfully together. Father continues, "He wasn't accepted but I accepted him. I loved him and cherished him deeply. People forget I love the outcast. I go after the one isolated and lost. I deliberately seek them out. This is my heart of love to never overlook the least noticed ones. He had a capacity for joy few ever experience in their lives."

I see him throwing armfuls of leaves in the air and laughing; running after a dog going round in circles, always laughing and enjoying the simple things in life. His mother adored him and accepted him fully with all his ‘limitations’. I sense he didn’t live beyond twenty. 

The vision changes. Now I see him in heaven clothed in dignity. He is calm and mature in his full understanding but still the same facial details. His deep love and reverence for God is evident. 

Wynwalloe cove church 2

The vision continues. He is now holding a model of this church in his hands but I can see it is in his heart too. The sense I have is the love of his mother and the acceptance in this church allowed him to live a full joyful life.

As I’ve been in this vision I've lost all sense of being in the church next to my husband. 

Wynwalloe church cove

I lean deeper into God, so profound is the depth of His presence. I enter a different vision. 

I see myself diving into deep water and swimming. I swim down towards the round head of a Celtic cross which is submerged in the water. I am wiping it clear of debris with my hand to see the detailing. Suddenly I see many many Celtic crosses lined up behind it going into the distance all under water. What does it mean I ask the Lord? 

The crosses seem to represent lives of Celtic Christians. 

"They all died in the faith. They all dugs deep wells of prayer. These waters flow and rose because of their devoted lives." I sense the words from God, "Bring them to the surface", but I don’t yet understand.

I press in.

I see the word CLARITY arching over the row of crosses.

Then the word FAITH


I see a small ancient wooden door. It is closed but a line of golden light is at base of door. There is radiant glory behind the door. I put my hand on the latch and hear "Not yet but soon. There will be no delay. Rest in the not knowing and trust."

The encounter ended. As is often the way in the revealing of God's mysteries, I am not yet sure of the application of this vision and encounter. It will take prayer but there is a promise of GLORY coming and a sense that clarity will bring faith and then the change. 

Oh how precious to step completely aside into such a place, away from modern distractions and spend time at the feet of Jesus and in His wonderful presence.

Wayside cross on the lizard