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St Veep church

St Veep church, Angels gather

St Veep church, Cornwall

We walk into the empty church and immediately find ourselves in high praise and then heartfelt worship.

We settle at the altar and still ourselves. Initially, I find it hard to know what is happening in the Spirit but after quite a wait, I become aware I am ‘seeing’ a cream robed angel kneeling in the aisle with huge wings outstretched, bowing before Jesus.

It carries a beautiful presence of holiness and purity.

I hear the words ‘altar of incense’ and sense this refers to the accumulation of centuries of prayer and worship on this site rising before God as a sweet scent. 

I see the angel suddenly ascend from this place. It rises up and disappears straight through the roof as I watch another one descend but his robe is red and he is smaller. He kneels in the same place as the previous angel bowing and weeping.

Now I become aware there are other spirit figures standing in the outer aisles. They feel shadowy and wraith like. At fist glimpse I’m unsure whether they are angels but then realise they are masquerading as pious but are actually demons? It seems they are here by invitation, religious spirits? I can't get a handle on what I am seeing initially. 

Then I hear, ‘command the angels to deal with the demons in Jesus’ name’. I obey.

Suddenly the red angel rises to its feet sword in hand and sweeps through the church dealing with every demonic spirit. They don’t even resist but crumple and dissolve away. The angel returns and kneels in the same spot in the aisle.

Spiritual light floods into the outer aisles and simultaneously the sun floods through the windows. The air feels lighter.

The red angel ascends and now a blue angel replaces him. It shimmers, is translucent and incredibly beautiful.

It comes up to me and says, ‘Now is the time for fresh eye salve’. 

It places some on my eyes and does the same to my husband.

‘You will see, and you will hear in your heart in new ways from this day’. We are profoundly humbled.

As we go to leave, we stop in the aisle where the angels appeared. There is an intense presence of the Spirit of God and certainly today there was a Jacob’s ladder with angels ascending and descending.

This church is a very precious site in the Spirit, but it is in such a sad structural state. Who knows how long it will remain open? Sadly, regular services are few and far between but if you visit, don’t be put off by the church’s need for renovation. Look beyond this to what God is doing and wants to do. It’s worth it.