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Vision of Heaven

A Vision of Heaven at Brecon Cathedral

At the site of the ancient Rood Screen, Brecon Cathedral: A Vision of Heaven

I’m walking down the main aisle of the cathedral towards where the rood screen used to be. As I pass by, I sense the huge healing angel that I’ve seen previously mussing my hair, welcoming me back. You can read about this in another encounter. Later, the angels in the rafters with the trumpets are waving at me in recognition. I’m moved to tears to think they would know me.

I stop and pray at the site where the rood screen formerly stood, meditating on the scripture in Jeremiah 6:16

‘Stand at the crossroads, look. Ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, for you will find rest for your souls.’

I go into a vision.

I am looking down on the cross section of the church from above and a hand is forcefully hammering a thick handmade iron nail into the very centre of the cross. Obviously, it reminds me of the crucifixion. It feels in the Spirit that something is being opened by this action.

Then I see an ancient wooden arched door standing open, slightly raised ahead of me. The Lord invites me up some very large steps to go through the door. The steps are huge, and he must help me up them. I check he’s going through the door ahead of me as I feel slightly apprehensive. Of course, he’s there!

I reach the threshold and can sense a green expansive place in front of me, beyond the door. However, I don’t go over the threshold at this point and I can’t see beyond it.

Then a figure in ancient Celtic royal clothes closes the door, locks it, and hands me a small but beautiful golden key, to give me access. ‘This door stands open in heaven to you. You have access. Guard the key. It is for you only.’

What is the door Lord?

I suddenly feel covered by the wings of two angels and a very deep stillness (Hebrews 1:14).

Suddenly beyond the door, even though it’s closed, I can see a vertical pillar of intense white light from heaven straight down onto an ancient well. It reminds me of Jacob’s Ladder at Bethel in Genesis 28:10-17. It was a place where Heaven touched earth and people returned to meet with God there. It’s what we would call a Spiritual well or a portal.

The well is full of water but shining as though alive. It is full of anointing for healings, and holiness permeates it. Within, the light sparkles and twinkles suggesting it is alive.  LIFE and LIGHT (John 1:4). The water is teaming with life (John 7:37-39). I sense it is a place where people will come and encounter the Living Water who is Jesus Himself.

St Keyne’s chapel, Brecon Cathedral

I make a second visit to the Cathedral on this day.

I am worshipping in my spirit and see that I am dancing with Jesus in the chapel. Then in the Spirit, I’m prompted to use the key I was given earlier to open the door. This time I see beyond the threshold! 

I find I am looking down on a vast expanse. There is a river in front of me going in a straight line towards a building on the horizon at a distance. Instinctively I know this is heaven and the river coming out from the temple and the throne of God (Revelation 22:1). I watch animals coming to the river in twos to drink. Among the many animals I remember being surprised to see two zebras. There are trees lining the riverbank, in a very orderly and organised manner (Revelation 22:2). I hear the words, ‘This place is a good place’. I can sense people all over the plains either side of the river and many animals including a lion lying down with the lamb (Isaiah 11:6) I know that this is Paradise I am glimpsing  and feel so privileged to be given a glimpse of Heaven and the world beyond our world. It is a world where there are no more tears or pain, and everything is put back into right order (Revelation 21:4).  For me, Brecon Cathedral is a place like Bethel. I go back there to find that ‘thin’ place where Heaven touches earth and I can encounter the things of God supernaturally.


Brecon cathedral exterior
doorway luttrell arms