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Trefrize holy well

Trefize Holy Well

This holy well is clearly marked on the OS map with three footpaths from different directions leading directly to it. This suggests it had significance in the past. However today it was quite the opposite. We approached on a footpath which crossed a private garden. There was an enclosed wellhead which we initially thought must be the holy well. I could feel tension all around so we back tracked away from the private garden. I was deeply disquieted but my husband went back to get a photo. I’m glad he did because he followed the footpath through a gate and the original holy well site was actually beyond. It’s pretty inaccessible now surrounded by a quagmire of mud and a barbed wire fence to keep stock out

I joined him at the field with the well. I had read that water from well was used in a chapel but don’t know if this was a contemporary medieval chapel or a more recent one which no longer remains. Again though it suggested a site of significance.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t full of faith when we finally stopped to pray. The tension I had felt approaching was still there initially but I know I need to pray at these sites. So we did. And I was amazed, as I often am, by God and what He revealed.

Very quickly after praying that God would release anything that remains in the Spirit on this site, a deep stillness fell over us both. It’s hard to describe except it’s nothing like quietness but more a heavy but gentle weight with an absence of noise or tension. I took note and embraced the peace and rest pervading this muddy spot where we were standing, marvelling that God was interested in what was happening. 

As I activated my faith I became aware that there was indeed a blue sapphire angel at the well house. I sensed that ‘here is peace, divine peace and rest for the weary soul’. The calm hiatus that settled over us continued. It was like diving deeply into God’s deep waters in the Spirit, as once more we seemed to step outside of time. 

We prayed God would releas anything He wanted to release. Immediately I saw the angel kneeling with a golden crowbar about five foot in length in his hands. He was ramming it into the ground with great force several times. I know that he is using it to break a stone capping in the spirit realm and to release a geyser of God’s holy water to burst out. Shortly after I heard the Holy Spirit quietly say, ‘It is done’. 

As we went to leave the angel quietly thanked me and I reciprocated thanking him for guarding what God had assigned him to guard.

There is something precious to God about land that has been prayed on continually by people of faith. A residue often remains of how God released His glory and Kingdom in days gone by. As we are led to pray at these sites, many many times, He is wanting to release those prayers to be answered now and to release spiritual deposits into this generation from what has gone before.


This well was another such place. It’s hard to quantify and requires faith. But this is what happened today as we visited on a Boxing Day.