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Strategy of Worship for Ireland, Wales and Cornwall


Releasing the Ancient Sound of Worship

Jeremiah 6:16 Stand at the crossroads and look. Ask for the ancient paths. Where is the good way? Then walk in it and find rest for your souls.

The following is one of the encounters which I believe is the release of a STRATEGY for breakthrough for Cornwall, Wales, and Ireland together.

BRECON CATHEDRAL August 14-16th 2018

Since 1996 God has consistently led me to Brecon cathedral at key spiritual moments to intercede and to seek His face for specific assignments.

Thursday 16th August 2018. St Keyne’s chapel, Brecon cathedral: An encounter with the Holy Spirit

(St Keyne was one of King Brychan’s daughters and she came to Cornwall, specifically St Michael’s Mount) 

st michaels mount glowing sunset

I am in St Keyne’s chapel seeking God asking what He wants to say.

After a while, I sense an angel holding a blue flame, which is about 2’ high, standing in front of us. (My husband and myself).  I go into a vision. I see angels standing on the mountain tops of Wales, guarding the anointing on the land. A similar blue flame of fire is held high like a beacon torch by these angels of Wales.

I hear the Lord say, ‘They have been on the land for many generations, called in by the Land of Song, the worship offered by My people.’  He continues, ‘The Song of the Land reaches heaven.’  At this very moment, in the main cathedral a professional singer starts singing in Welsh and I’m moved to tears by the Welsh anointing of the minstrel. (The welsh language is also very similar grammatically to Hebrew and is thought to be a derived language).

‘This heart of worship’, the Lord continues, ‘The Song of David, the Key of David has released the songs and sounds of earth to heaven but now the blue flame will release sounds from my Kingdom to earth. Remember, the blue flame is the hottest part of the flame.

The sounds of heaven are more encompassing, broader, wider, richer, fuller, more embodied with richness than earth’s sounds.  Heaven to earth. Be expectant of the shift.  The resonance will stir hearts to respond, tears to flow, lives to change.’

I suddenly smell incense momentarily in the Spirit realm.

I can see the blue flames the angels are carrying are protected by glass sheaths from any wind and these angels are standing on high places across Wales, Ireland, and Cornwall. Some are also in river valleys, low places, beaches, coasts, and cliffs. I sense these are places of spiritual importance in the past centuries.

They are all connected by strong blue threads of light to heaven, a bright sky blue. The angels are guarding the Keys of Life to salvations. Their feet are solidly planted in the land. They are dressed in pure white, trimmed with gold and each holds a 2’ blue flame. At this point they are about 7’ tall.

Each angel is assigned to a specific piece of land. There is this vertical blue light connection to heaven but there are also strong blue filaments going between the angels connecting them right across the three lands, over the Bristol Channel to Cornwall and the Irish Sea to eastern Ireland. These are ancient connections of God’s spiritual power.

Glendalough site

I then watch as power from heaven surges along these spiritual routes. Blue flames ripple and sizzle along the connections. When there’s a surge of power and it lands with an angel, electricity and lightning spark and thunders from heaven. The blue flame shoots heavenwards, expanding massively and showers sparks out all around which land on the surrounding areas. Dry land ignites, embers reignite and blue fires start.

The angels are now beginning to stir, no longer just waiting. They are responding to militant warfare worship being released from God’s children. The angels start marching on the spot, all in time right across the ancient nations of Wales, Ireland, and Cornwall. They are focussed, determined and they too are worshipping along with God’s children. All are in time, as an army; the army of heaven joining with the army on earth.

A militant sound is released and then a roar out of the angels. The roar sounds like the mighty thunders.  I see the land tremble and shake. I see ripples in the heavens above, shuddering in the powers of darkness.

I sense a mighty unified army rising across Ireland, Wales and Cornwall that is united in the Spirit.

The angels continue to roar, arms up to heaven. They’ve each placed their blue flame on the ground between their feet. The roar grows in intensity. The angels don’t lose focus for a second. The roar is very loud and continues to grow.

The angels grow taller and in power, now spreading out to form an impenetrable shield over and around these lands until they are totally covered.

At this point, I hear a command in heaven from the Lord of Heaven’s armies, Jesus Himself (Psalm 46:7). I see him on a white charger with white angels behind Him, also on horses (Revelation 19:11). He has a sword in His hand. I hear the word shouted, ‘NOW!’ and He brings His right sword arm down in command. ‘CHARGE!’

The angels on horses rush forth to Wales, Ireland and Cornwall and a large demonic force rushes up from the lands to meet them. A mighty battle ensues in the second heaven. The blue flame angels continue to protect the lands.

The battle rages in the heavens. Then the Lord roars above it all, ‘ENOUGH!’ and immediately it’s over. The enemy disappears and radiant light pours from heaven to earth. It is dazzling in its radiance and starts cracking open these lands. Heaven’s atmosphere comes to earth. It descends.

Everywhere people are running towards the descending light. They are pulled compulsively, falling prostrate, calling out ‘What must I do to be saved?’ They are weeping and wailing and travailing, aware of their sin. They are swiftly repenting.  

The vision ends and I realise a divine STRATEGY has been released.

Militant Worship= worship being offered to God, which is active, determined, focussed, and sold out. Setting our faces like flint, honouring, and exalting the Living God, King Jesus.

A bit of spiritual background: Ancient well reopens

In Celtic times, (about 450AD) the Christian King of Brecon, Brychan, was of Irish descent. He had many children (over 20) all of whom were trained to be missionaries and went out into Wales and to Cornwall (and some onto Brittany). Their names remain in the villages and holy wells around Cornwall and Wales. He held his court at Talgarth outside of Brecon and near Llangorse Lake. In the late 18century, Howell Harris encountered the Holy Spirit in the same locations and was one of the founders of Welsh Methodism, working alongside Whitfield and Wesley. 20,000 people attended his funeral in 1773 at the village of Talgarth, such was his profound influence! This revival predates the Welsh revival of the 20century.

Black Mountains greens slopes

There is an ancient deposit in this area in the Spirit realm which impacts Wales and Cornwall but owes its heritage to Ireland; (as well as the Irish saints coming directly to Cornwall too in Celtic times).  In modern day speaking, we would say this ancient spiritual well reopened in Howell Harris’ time and the deposit is still active. You can read more about this in other links on this site.

On an earlier occasion during a church prayer meeting, I saw a huge angel with its feet across Cornwall.  It had a foot in the sea on the south and north coasts and had linked hands with similar angels in Wales and Ireland.  Rev 10 the angel between the and the sea.  I also watched Jesus on a cloud with full sunshine and he was coming closer. 2nd July 2013

I am from a Welsh family, married to a Cornish man and this is possibly why I’m sent to Wales to pray.

Can you imagine what would happen if Christians across these lands would unite on the ancient sites to worship, together, simultaneously. What God can achieve when we listen to His strategies and are obedient is unfathomable. Let it happen! Let the worshippers unite!