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St Wenna's Church

St Wenna's Church, Morval

St Wenna's church is situated adjacent to the land owned by Morval House. It's a secluded and hidden part of Cornwall, feels like a time warp and is incredibly beautiful. The sense of God in the church is tangible. It's a feeling that you are being embraced and welcomed by the heart of God. Time stands still and you want to linger and wait in the tranquility and serenity. I heard the Holy Spirit welcome the three of us as we came into the church and as I sat, I settled into a deep rest in God.  In my mind's eye, my seer realm, I could see I was sinking through living water with my arms outstretched above my head, as though suspended. An angel lifted me and laid me down before ministering to me. There was a process of transformation, a taking off of old coverings, an anointing with fresh oil and a breaking out of a cocoon of preparation - rather like a butterfly. I watched intrigued as the angel continued to minister to me. Jesus has now joined us. As I'm helped up I can see the old white brittle cocoon has been cut away and I am transformed. The silken dress I'm now wearing is full of vibrant colours, soft, fluid and beautiful.  It seems to represent tranquility, harmony, peace, joy, fulfilment, completeness, security - all the things our hearts long for. 

These visions are a mystery. They are the work of the Holy Spirit bringing hope, some understanding of what God is doing in my life and the transformation He is accomplishing. I don't pretend to fully understand but I trust in faith for the outworking of what I see in my life and the deep mysteries of God whose ways are above and beyond my understanding.

St wenna church

I'm also aware that each person encounters God differently, even in the same place. He deals with us individually and uniquely. Whilst I veer towards the mystic side of Chrisitanity (a tradition well recorded in Christian history) my husband is more cerebral and will have a totally different experience. So will you when you visit these places. Don't go expecting to experience what I do. I never have the same thing happen twice either. I go first and foremost to lift up the name of Jesus. Sometimes something happens, many times that is the reason I am in a place and that's fine too.  So go to these places with an open heart, one of faith, one of worship and see what happens. One thing I am assured of  is that God delights in our praises and He delights in our company. 

After leaving the church we tried to find St Wenna's well which is nearby but didn't manage to locate it on this occasion. We will return with better directions. 

St Wenna herself was another of Brychan's children, born at Talgarth in Wales. This is where she established her first church. At some point she came with her siblings to Cornwall. The site of the church is on a circular 'lan' suggestive of a Celtic Christian community.  She was the mother of St Cuby and sister of St Non (St David's mother).