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St Juliots Church

St Juliot Church, Cornwall

St Juliot Church at Hennett, near Boscastle, Cornwall, UK is a hidden gem. Down a narrow country lane, the churchyard is brimming with daffodils in springtime. There are three ancient crosses in the churchyard, with wheel heads.

St Juliet’s church boscatle

St Juliot (Julitta) is thought to have been another of King Brychan’s children and it makes sense as they settled all along this northern coast of Cornwall and Devon. St Nectan, St Kew, St Keyne and others have all left theirs names on settlements. However, St Juliot's church is associated with the writer Thomas Hardy and in the church there has more emphasis on him than either Jesus or St Juliot. I found it hard to pray so was leaving when I suddenly noticed the graveyard was clearly circular and raised, the clear indicator of a ‘lan’ an early Celtic Christian site. So I decided to sit on a bench and pray and see what happened. I’m so glad I did! 

Immediately on turning my focus and heart towards Jesus a wave of intercession fell over me. I found myself praying that all the prayers that had yet to be answered from this place, especially those of St Juliot, for mercy and revival would be answered. A large, gentle golden hued angel accompanied the praying, which really felt like it touched heaven. It was such a surprise after the different atmosphere in the church.

Celtic cross st Juliet’s

I came away with the profound sense that St Juliot and others from here were serious in their intercessions and that anointing remained uppermost on this site.

There is a stained glass window in the chancel of Tintagel church which depicts St Piran and St Julitta.

St juliots church

Saint Julitta, or Saint Juliot, is a male Celtic saint to whom two Cornish churches are dedicated. He is believed to have settled at the site of Tintagel Castle at the end of the 5th century and established a small monastic community. In some accounts he is a member of the children of Brychan and St Nectan and the holy female hermit St Keyne, are thought to have been his companions. He is the patron of the parish churches of St Juliot and of Lanteglos by Camelford. The Norman chapel of Tintagel Castle is dedicated to St Julitta. At Jetwells near Camelford is a holy well. Jetwells derives from "Juliot's well".  Grid ref SX129912 St Juliot’s, Boscastle, PL12 5ER’