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Indract's Well

St Indract's Well, Chapel Farm, nr Halton Quay, Cornwall

halton quay reed bed

OS Map Reference: Location: SX417 659


St Indract and his sister St Dominica were reputedly Irish Celtic missionaries of royal descent. They landed at Halton Quay on the River Tamar in 689AD and established a religious community there. It's not hard to imagine them praying in this situation. It is still very peaceful, looking out at the tidal river in full flow, with reed beds and birds for company. There is a small two hundred year old chapel still here, though a bit run down and sad looking.

indract info halton quay

Whilst sitting praying, looking over the river, I am aware of God's gentle presence. There's a stillness in the atmosphere which is more than just the natural surroundings. There is a deep hush and weightiness in the air, a heavy peace.  I find myself repeating the phrase, 'Holy Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on me a sinner'. The only other place this has happened was at Trebartha by the well there. I'm not used to liturgy but this phrase was coming from my spirit and makes me wonder if it's a phrase the people of previous generations prayed in this place. 

halton quay and chapel

As I sat looking at the river and praying I was struck by the resemblance in the spirit realm to Clonmacnoise Monastery on the banks of the River Shannon in Ireland. The atmosphere felt very similar and even the location had similarities. Perhaps these two saints might even have come from this monastery. I don't know. But I became aware that there were four angels down on the quay below the chapel looking across to Devon on the other bank of the river. They were normal human size, robed in cream and seemed to have a weight of authority. There was a deep sense of meditative calm, peace, rest and stillness as I watched them. The angels raise their arms forward and I can now see similar angels on the Devon bank also reaching their arms out. They join hands and form a bridge in the spirit across the Tamar. I sense this bridge is being reestablished and has existed in the past.  In the name of Jesus I was led to decree that the spiritual pathway between Cornwall and Devon would be reopened in the spirit realm now. As I prayed I could see shooting electricity of fire coloured flames move back and forth between the two banks. I hear the words that there used to be strong links across the border in the spirit and I could see that there was a strong chain link that was broken at some point and knew that God wanted to re-establish this link. I continued to decree that this strong chain link between Devon and Cornwall will now be re-established in the spirit realm in Jesus' name. 

After praying I asked God what He wanted to show me and suddenly felt an angel's hand on my shoulder saying to go to Indract's holy well at Greenbank. This is actually Chapel Farm.

indracts well lane

Whilst journeying from home to Halton Quay I was aware of our personal angels in the car and that they were really excited by this little mission we were on.  I've not experienced that before.

Thankfully we had an OS map with us because this well is not easy to find. It is down a lane leading to Chapel Farm a few miles from Halton Quay. It is on private property but we met the owner of the land and he is happy for people to visit the well, even considering himself its guardian and caring for it.

Indracts well house

The well is on the left of the track leading to a private property, tucked into a grassy bank. There is a stone well house with slated roof and iron door. It is beautifully kept with water still in the mossy well. There are two channels at the rear which seem to feed the well from a spring but these were not flowing as we were in a dry patch when we visited and there hadn't been rain for a month. 

Indracts well and greenery

The well has a holy presence still, even though pagans seem to visit it leaving flowers, there was a strong presence of God. I very quickly found myself singing a Holy Spirit song, 'Spring up oh well, in the name of Jesus' and as I was doing so, sensed there was a miracle anointing here for rare breathing diseases to be healed.

We visited the well in the springtime when the bluebells, wild garlic and red campion were in flower and the air was permeated with the scent. Lambs were bleating and the whole area felt like it had stood still in time. A wren was singing loudly with a blackbird joining in. These are the sounds and scents the saints themselves might have heard. Weak sunshine even broke through the cloud layer.

indracts well cross door

Then I went into a vision. In the vision I can see a robed monk kneeling in prayer on this spot. He is very still as he prays and I sense very devout. He is petitioning God for the people of this land to come to know Jesus and I sense he is speaking in Irish Gaelic, not English or Cornish. His voice has a lilt to it and from time to time he breaks into song. He is totally absorbed in prayer and devotion to Jesus. I sense this is Indract. Standing behind him, seemingly guarding his back is a woman, Dominica his sister. She prevents anyone coming to see Indract from disturbing him whilst he's praying. She puts a finger to her lips to ask them to keep quiet. The people sit down and wait patiently until he has finished praying. 

indracts well water


I can see a woman with two young children. One has a broken arm and the other a bandage around their head. The monk gently lifts the little boy with the broken arm onto his knee and reaches into the well to get water. He pours it over the arm and it is healed. The mother is now weeping as the monk takes the other child with the bandaged head. This is an older girl. He undoes the bandage to reveal a nasty wound. He gently pours water over her head and lays his hands on her praying. As he prays she is totally healed. There is so much weeping and rejoicing and I can see the monk sharing about Jesus and pointing to heaven to stop them adulating him personally. The woman keeps trying to praise him and he gently points upwards to Jesus. There are also two angels present who are with Indract and one with Dominica.

This is a place of miracles and evangelism.  I am led to pray that this anointing would reopen not just here but across Cornwall and into Devon. 

indracts well looking up lane
indracts well kathy

In the meantime my husband had met the owner of the land and guardian of the well. He is a dowser and more interested in the new age aspect but he's aware of an angel being present and the special nature of the well. As Philip is sharing this with me, I'm sitting on the lip of the well and suddenly am overcome by the weeping heart of God for all those pagans who are spiritually seeking and in their own way devout but misled. I couldn't stop weeping and could feel the broken heart of God for these people he loves so dearly. His sadness comes from them worshipping the created realm and not the Creator, that they recognise there is something special in the spirit realm but are missing the true nature that this is God drawing them to Jesus. I continued to weep and intercede that many would meet Jesus himself in this place.

I felt the angels of the well put their hands on my head as I weep, saying, 'Child, all shall be well, be comforted.' That was the end of the encounter at St Indract's well.

Historically, Indract, Dominica and other companions landed at Halton Quay in 689AD and founded a community nearby at Chapel, where the well is. Indract and his companions made a pilgrimage to Rome whilst Dominica stayed at the settlement. On their way back they intended visiting St Patrick's shrine at Glastonbury but were attacked and martyred. Their bodies were buried in the Abbey Church at Glastonbury 


Hello This is a wonderful read. I really enjoyed it. I was wondering if I might be able to use one of these images for my upcoming book about cultural diversity in Somerset? Indract and Dominica were said to have been killed in Somerset. Thanks for your time