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St Ladoca's Well

Ladock Holy Well

Ladock is a village in Cornwall, UK. It is named after St Ladoca, an early Christian Celtic female saint. There are two possible sites for her holy well. We walked to one down a lane near the village church. It's set at the juncture of several paths suggesting it was a meeting place and well visited. Today, the well house has been restored and is in good order and well looked after. As I entered the enclosure I experienced real excitement and knew that this was a special site.

Ladock holy well

Water is running freely from the spring and flows out through the enclosure in a small stream. As we began to worship Jesus, I could sense angels beginning to gather behind the well, joining in with our worship. It reminded me of the atmosphere at St Jame's well in St Breward. There was an ancient feel, an out of time sense that centuries of God's people had been coming here to be with Him and to worship Him. As has so often happened recently, the moment we started to worship a wren joined in singing very loudly. This is happening so frequently now that it's noticeable and more than a coincidence. 

Ladock holy well

As we kept worshipping and praying I became aware of an angel in front of me with a very large scroll which he wanted me to take and open. It seemed to have royal blue wooden ends and to be made of parchment or velum. I opened the scroll and read: Hidden in the depths you will seek and find the revelations of the Lord Jesus to be released in the present age. Do not fear, the Lord will  give you courage to pray and see these revelations released.  They are of mighty significance for Cornwall in the coming days and will build on all that the saints before you have prayed and laid their lives down for. Believe. Have faith. Stand firm. Declare. Decree My words.

At this point a blinding light seemed to land on the scroll and I was told to eat it. I did this prophetic act and it was as though I was tasting rice paper dissolving on my tongue. The Holy Spirit continued. 'The blood of the martyrs cries out here'. I find myself crying out 'Jesus, Jesus' and a very deep peace settled on me. 

Ladock holy well

This encounter left me in no doubt that this was a precious site to God, a place where one of His friends lived and honoured Him highly and possibly many other Christians too.  He alone knows what was prayed, the devotion of His people, what is left unanswered and what will still be answered. There certainly seem to be some mandates to still be fulfilled. I loved this site. It was precious. There is a carved stone head now in the porch of the church which is said to have come from her original well structure.

Ladock church face

I can find very little about St Ladoca herself except that she lived at Fentonladock which is very near to Ladock village.   She lived in the 5th century and possibly came to Cornwall with St Piran but that's all I could discover. There is another well at Fentonladock which we could tantalisingly see from the road but not gain access. There's no public right of way and there were cows with calves in the field, so we knew it wouldn't be right to go there. 

Ladocka holy well