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Ancient Paths

France, Cornwall, Wales

Whilst on holiday in the south of France at the foothills of the Pyrenees, enjoying the sunshine on a beach, I am thinking about Jesus when I realise, I am seeing two beautiful angels, side on.  They are gorgeous, with elegant wings. I’m puzzling whether they are with me in France or what is going on.

Then I am suddenly in a vision and looking at the vicarage above Culbone Chapel on Exmoor.  I look back at the angels and one is playing a wind instrument (shaum) it is a cross between a flute and a clarinet and made of wood.  As I watch I see a parade, a stream of similar angels preparing to move and already moving out of South Wales. They are many in number and split into two lines.  Some I presume are heading for North Devon as I see Culbone, but the other column is heading to Cornwall.  There is no disorder and they are very calm but purposeful.

My first two angels seem to have come on ahead and are worshippers.

A day or so later we are in a local market town, Cerete and a troupe of musicians playing ancient instruments walks through the town.  It is the exact same instruments I’d seen the angels playing! And there is even an exhibition open selling these ancient shaums, so I could look at them up closely and see the intricate carvings and hear the sound.

Notice the link between the ancient Celtic pathways between nations again of Wales, Cornwall, and France. God is wanting to reopen these ancient Spiritual highways.

12th September 2013 Racout Plage, South of France