The medieval church at St Winnow is set in the remains of a circular Celtic graveyard adjoining the River Fowey. There is still a tangible peace and presence of God here. It's hard to imagine a more beautiful setting as the river is wide here and the tidal flow dramatic between low and high tides. There was possibly even a fording place in previous times. Today, it's a tiny hamlet with a farm and boatyard but go down in the evening, when no-one is around and you can see why the saint who had a prayer oratory here chose this place. Time seems to stand still. The woods opposite at Lantyan are beautiful both in their full summer glory of leaves or in their bare skeletal branches of winter. 

Just across the water but out of site is St Samson's church where Samson lived and the saints would have been within easy reach of each other. Lantyan woods also suggest another Celtic Christian settlement, 'Lan' meaning holy place. Several Celtic saints established communities along the banks of the river. 

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