The serenity of the River Fowey at high tide is evident in this photo. Boats glide through the water peacefully and it's easy to see why so many Celtic saints settled along the river banks. Even today, there are medieval churches dotted along the banks, built upon the early settlements of these Celtic Christians and a peace pervades many of these, and the near presence of God. They are still 'thin places'. 

The Saint's Way, Cornwall The River Fowey, low tide at Ethy Rock, Cornwall Cadix Creek on the River Fowey Ancient path to Cadix Creek, River Fowey, Cornwall The River Fowey at high tide, Cornwall River Fowey at Golant, Cornwall Penpol Creek, River Fowey at high tide The Saint's Way, cross Cornwall walking route St Winnow, River Fowey, Cornwall The River Fowey at Milltown The River Fowey Polruan, River Fowey, Cornwall St Cadix, St Cyric's Creek, Cornwall St Samson's Cave, Golant, Cornwall

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