Lindisfarne island is surrounded by sea and is cut off from the mainland at high tide. At low tide, vast flat plains of sand are revealed but these cover deceptively swiftly when the tide begins to turn. It's the kind of remote place the Celtic saints chose to deliberately live, denying themselves comfort and believing sacrifice drew them closer to God. They were drawn to 'the edge of the world'. 

Lindisfarne Castle Lindisfarne - the causeway to Holy Island at low tide. Lindisfarne: St Cuthbert's island Lindisfarne, Cuthbert's path Lindisfarne: Basilea Schlink Lindisfarne: Cuthbert's island with the tide in Lindisfarne and the Farne Islands The chapel of St Cuthbert on Inner Farne Lindisfarne with the castle in sunshine Lindisfarne landscape Inner Farne Lindisfarne ruins of the monastery Lindisfarne: The ruined monastery Lindisfarne: the edge of the world

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