Inner Farne is an island which is part of the Farne Islands in Northumberland and a place where Celtic monks retreated from Lindisfarne to live as hermits. Cuthbert lived the last ten years of his life here. The National Trust now manage the island and there are medieval church remains but nothing left of the original Celtic community except the presence of God and the sense of the austere lives these holy men led.

Lindisfarne Castle Lindisfarne - the causeway to Holy Island at low tide. Lindisfarne: St Cuthbert's island Lindisfarne, surrounded by sea and sand Lindisfarne, Cuthbert's path Lindisfarne: Basilea Schlink Lindisfarne: Cuthbert's island with the tide in Lindisfarne and the Farne Islands The chapel of St Cuthbert on Inner Farne Lindisfarne with the castle in sunshine Lindisfarne landscape Lindisfarne ruins of the monastery Lindisfarne: The ruined monastery Lindisfarne: the edge of the world

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