Lindisfarne or Holy Island, is a well known Celtic site, where Aiden and Cuthbert lived and had a worshipping community. It is based in Northumberland and there is still a vibrant Christian community worshipping on the island. It is a wild and remote place to visit, although you need to time it when the tourists are few and the tides are right. You can still sit looking out to sea and across the Cuthbert's island, hearing the seals moaning and imagine what it must have been like for these early Christians, isolated out here in the rugged wilds pitted against sea and elements. It was a tough existence, one of austerity and ascetism but holy and reverent.


Lindisfarne - the causeway to Holy Island at low tide. Lindisfarne: St Cuthbert's island Lindisfarne, surrounded by sea and sand Lindisfarne, Cuthbert's path Lindisfarne: Basilea Schlink Lindisfarne: Cuthbert's island with the tide in Lindisfarne and the Farne Islands The chapel of St Cuthbert on Inner Farne Lindisfarne with the castle in sunshine Lindisfarne landscape Inner Farne Lindisfarne ruins of the monastery Lindisfarne: The ruined monastery Lindisfarne: the edge of the world

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