Lindisfarne, or Holy Island was a Celtic monastic community founded by St Aiden and associated also with St Cuthbert. However, he was an ascetic and at times withdrew even further away from comforts and community to pray on a small island off the coast of Lindisfarne. Today this has a cross on and can be reached at low tide. Seals can often be heard moaning soulfully if the wind is in the right direction creating a haunting atmosphere.

Lindisfarne Castle Lindisfarne - the causeway to Holy Island at low tide. Lindisfarne, surrounded by sea and sand Lindisfarne, Cuthbert's path Lindisfarne: Basilea Schlink Lindisfarne: Cuthbert's island with the tide in Lindisfarne and the Farne Islands The chapel of St Cuthbert on Inner Farne Lindisfarne with the castle in sunshine Lindisfarne landscape Inner Farne Lindisfarne ruins of the monastery Lindisfarne: The ruined monastery Lindisfarne: the edge of the world

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