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St Michael's Well

St Michael's Holy Well, Michaelstow, Cornwall, UK

Michaelstow Holy Well in the churchyard of St Michael and All Angels Church.

Location: OS SX081 788

This is a beautiful old well with a granite well house but running dry, full of leaves and debris with an uncared-for feel. However there is the presence of God and peace, a deep peace. I have a sense of tears and the Lord saying, ‘My people have gone astray, repent.’ So I did.

He continued, ‘This is a place of a holy visitation by my angel Michael. He came to fight for my people. He came to open the veil between heaven and earth that this may be a thin place. But my people have not taken advantage of the portal that I opened into the heavenly realms in this place and my heart is sad. There is an opportunity for this well to reopen and that is my heart’s desire that this portal would reopen, even though my people have gone astray. I weep. I want this place reopened in the Spirit realm for it has huge significance for the county, far more than you can understand.’

‘Will you fight to open this well?’

 Lord what must we do?

 I saw a vision of a warrior angel (Michael?) and went into holy spiritual prayer briefly.

The well itself is set in a bank and depression below the churchyard level by about four foot and it’s surrounded by mature beach and sycamore trees, just in front of the main entrance to the church.

St Michael’s well Michaelstow


St Michael’s well Michaelstow seat

As I sat and was waiting by the well, I saw myself in the Spirit, digging down with a spade and removing earth. Then suddenly there was a beautiful stream of freshwater, and it wasn’t that far below the surface. I just wanted to weep at the way that we have dismissed our heritage as Christians. We have dishonoured those men and women of prayer and faith who have gone before us, and we have forgotten them. Many of them prayed on the land and for the land, for the people and evangelised turning Cornwall upside down. And many of them prayed for the generations to follow. I feel such a weeping in this place that they have been dishonoured but I’m at a loss to know what to do.

St Michael’s well Michaelstow inside

Then I hear the Holy Spirit whisper, ‘You’re comforting the heart of God and that is all I need to do.’ I found myself weeping in repentance for the way that Cornwall has been so blessed by God but has turned so far away from Him.

St Michael’s Michaelstow Celtic cross
St Michael’s church, cross Michaelstow