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St Gluvias

St Gluvias Church, Penryn, Cornwall

St Gluvias churchyard Penryn, Cornwall

The historic parish church of St Gluvias (or Gluviacus) is situated above the creek in Penryn. It looks like it's probably an ancient lan, being on raised ground with some evidence of a circular boundary wall in parts. Gluvias of Cornwall was the son of Gwynllyw the warrior, King of Gwentlog, and a nephew of Petroc. The church was founded in the 6th century and the parish was sometimes called Behethlan or Bohelland  in the Middle Ages .

The church is locked so I sit in the churchyard. As I’m sitting, waiting to hear from God,  I see in the Spirit that there are six layers, each lying on top of the other but the bottom one is the ancient Celtic well that is here. As I walked around, the graveyard seemed very dead. It’s like you imagine a graveyard to be without any life. And I can see that in the Spirit, death is the top layer but there are about six layers and then beneath that there is running water that’s blue and clear and goes right back to the sixth century Celtic Saint. So I’m going to sit here and see if God shows me anything else.

Interestingly as I sit worshipping God and lifting up the name of Jesus, in the Spirit I see the layers part. It’s like a sword cuts through and makes a division down to the ancient well. It’s as easy as cutting through a cake. The layers on top appear dark. yet the light of the sword and the worship go right down to the well easily. And it’s interesting that Stirring of the Waters Ministries is right next door to this ancient church, situated on the wharf below and probably on the site where the monk would have come to pray at the water's edge. And that is a place where the well has reopened, impacting Cornwall significantly in the last few decades. I wonder how much is because of the ancient foundation laid by Saint Gluvias down at the waters edge. Is this evidence of a well reopening? I think it could be! 

I now see that there is an angel here, wings up and open, sword in his hand, on active duty. I watch as he raises his sword and shouts,  'For the Lord and for the King'. He is in battle but is calm, in control and has the victory. I don't see what he is fighting. 

I watch another group of angels holding hands in a ring dancing, a bit like ring a ring a roses but this is joyful, exciting and exhilarating. They are surrounding the ancient well of water,  literally dancing with joy. It seems to be on the site of where the church is. In the Spirit I can hear that they are singing, 'He’s coming again He’s coming again He’s coming again,' and they shout and cheer. 

So whilst this initially appeared to be a place that was long dead as I wander round the churchyard and with the church locked, I’m actually finding it very easy to engage with God here and to feel the excitement of the angels in expectation of Jesus coming again.