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Venton Gassic

Venton Gassic, St Just in Roseland

Venton  gassic sign

This ancient well on the outskirts of St Just in Roseland sits on the edge of the busy road, forgotten, hidden and neglected. It's a sad place, one might say a relic of a bygone age. Yet I'm still glad I visited. My friend who was with me saw an angel there and felt it would still be a place where people would be healed in the future as they met with Jesus here, perhaps in a time of plague.  I found myself singing once again a song God has given me for these wells, 'Spring up oh well in the name of Jesus.' This is not about superstition, or about the water, or even about the person who originally lived and prayed in this place. But it's about the deposit God has in the land which we are to pick up and take forward into our time.