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Trebartha, Cornwall

Trebartha, North Hill, Near Launceston, Cornwall

well entrance small cross



Trebartha is an ancient estate in North Cornwall which is even recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086. It is only open to the public twice yearly. We didn't even know there was an ancient Celtic well here when we chose to visit the gardens. On exiting the car, the first thing which caught my eye was an enclosure in a field and a Celtic cross! I hurried over getting more and more excited as I could now see three ancient crosses. Imagine my surprise on reaching the enclosure to discover there were actually steps descending into an ancient well. This well is hardly documented, yet I immediately could sense it was a holy place and special to the Lord.

well entrance closeup

We've since discovered it's called St Tawneys Well, yet I've not been able to discover anything further about the saint to date. An old newspaper cutting of 1926 refers to the well as Celtic and the waters being very pure.

newspaper cutting
three crosses signpost

We prayed at the well after walking the gardens and once most visitors had left, so we could be uninterrupted. It was fenced off to prevent cattle entering, so it was a bit of a clamber to access the enclosure. 

looking into water

As I sat praying I sense God saying that the deposit in this place related to miracles. I could sense angelic activity but couldn't 'see' anything in particular whilst there. However, when praying since, I've been 'seeing' a red fiery angel, about 8' tall guarding the anointing in this well. As I sat at the well, listening to the Holy Spirit He whispered that this place was where bone diseases, specifically bone cancers and skin diseases were healed. Now this was particularly exciting as my husband is currently facing a battle with a bone cancer. As a result he went into the well, praying and washing his face in the waters, just like Naaman the leper was instructed to do by Elisha in 2 Kings 5. Meanwhile I found myself repeating a phrase 'Holy Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, have mercy on me a sinner'. Now, I'm not used to liturgy in church so it was unfamiliar to me but the Holy Spirit kept me saying it for several minutes. Then the Lord gently prompted me to release the ancient deposit being held here, so that it would spread into the county of Cornwall and miracles would follow. So, in obedience, this is how I prayed. 

cross with primroses

It was not one of the most dramatic encounters at a well but perhaps this was because I was aware of other visitors to the gardens and less relaxed, thinking I'd be interrupted. However, I was fully aware that God had set up this visit, as we had no idea there was even an ancient well here. 

The site is very peaceful and is still a 'thin place'. It's well worth a visit when the gardens are open to the public. 

(nb: there is a bit of debate about whether this is actually a holy well, but from the experience I had here, I'd be saying it is).