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Towan Holy Well

Towan holy well, Lobbs Shop, Cornwall

Towan well house

This very hidden holy well is on private land, secluded at the head of a valley and surrounded by rolling hills and copses. We had favour with the tenant farmer who escorted us across fields to the well which is in its own wooded glade. The well house dates from the 16th century and is constructed of local Pentewan stone. Nothing much is known about the early history of the site but it is thought to be Celtic Christian and that there was originally a chapel here too. It’s possible that the saint associated with the well was Touinianus, a friend of St Mewan and St Samson. This is possible as Mewan lived close by. It was a well visited site in medieval times but sadly the reasons have been forgotten.

Towan holy well

 We didn’t linger long as the farmer was waiting but prayed briefly. It was hard in such a short time to discern whether any spiritual remnant remains but it was certainly a peaceful site.