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St Ruan's Well

St Ruan's Holy Well



St Ruan’s Holy Well (St Garda and the Holy Cross)

st ruans well looking in

This holy well is situated in a field off the road. The well is covered by a stone well house and enclosed by railings. It’s clear someone is tending it with love and welcoming people to pray here. There’s a visitor’s book in a tin which you’re invited to write in.

On the OS map it’s referred to as Ruan’s holy well, yet a sign inside says St Garda and the Holy cross which is the dedication of the nearest church. My hunch is that St Ruan is the more likely as it is situated by the towns of St Ruan and Ruan Minor.

inside st ruans well

I sat on a bench by the well, in the rain and immediately started to praise. It was very easy to lift my heart and exalt Jesus. My spiritual eyes opened, and I saw a beautiful angel come and kneel beside me. As I continued to praise and worship, I watched in my seer realm several angels dancing around the well. They were joining me as I praised. It was a holy moment in a most unlikely setting.

It’s a lovely place to rest awhile and be in God’s presence. I recommend a visit.