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St Petroc's Well

St Petroc's Well, Bodmin

St Petroc's Well hidden away in Priory Park, Bodmin was originally known as St Guron's well. This is highly likely because Guron first established a Christian prayer cell in the locality, welcoming Petroc when he arrived on an angel's command, before he moved on to the south coast at Gorran Haven and Fowey. For the name of the well to change probably just indicates this shift in people. It was quite hard to find, but we accessed it via a cycle path off a housing estate. Once we stumbled across the site it was like stepping back in time. The well emerges into a stream which runs through an unspoilt field. Although it's clearly part of the flood defence scheme it feels unspoilt and almost untouched by modern hands.

St petrocs well bodmin 2

The well has been substantially renovated and the water course incorporated into a flood defence scheme for the town. However, where the water gushes out from the rocks, the force is formidable, perhaps driven by sluice gates a bit higher up. We peeked through the fence and could see them, plus a pool which was very reminiscent of the baptism pools we've seen at other holy wells. However, we've no evidence for this other than appearance and it might well have merely been formed by the flood prevention. 

St petrocs well bodmin pool by sluice

What was unquestionable though was the presence of God as we stood by the ancient granite slabs forming the well. Immediately I was worshipping and able to block out the noise of a chainsaw nearby and the bustle of the town in the distance. There was a peace which was penetrating. I soon became aware that the backs of both my hands were warm with a soft warmth as though being stroked by the hands of angels. We lingered to worship and pray, rejoicing that such an ancient site, over 1500 years old, is still accessible to everyone and especially for Christians still coming to pray to Jesus in this special place. 

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St Petroc well bodmin