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St Neot's Well

St Neot's Well, St Neot, Cornwall

st neot path to well house


St Neot's holy well is situated in a lush water meadow on the outskirts of St Neot village in Cornwall. It is well signed from the main street and reached along a lane beside a small stream. The setting is timeless, the spring emerging from a steeply wooded cliff and housed in a stone built enclosure which has been restored several times. 

st neot well in green setting

We visited on a drippy day but it was still very atmospheric. This time we had it to ourselves and settled to pray sitting on the grass outside the well house.

st neot water meadow

It was a very 'thin place' and easy to worship Jesus here. In fact we were singing spontaneously immediately and it certainly felt holy. However, the well enclosure inside wasn't so pleasant. It felt contaminated spiritually.  

st neot well showing water in well

So we carried on worshipping Jesus and exalting him, knowing that St Neot was a very Godly man, known for piety and miracles. As we continued I was prompted to do a prophetic act. 

As I asked God what to see in the supernatural, I can see a small man in a monk's habit sitting on the edge of the well with his feet in it. I know that I’m seeing St Neot. It's just a pool at the base of the cliff at this stage and he's bathing his feet. There is a sense of peace and the presence of God, of joy, of hush, of communion with God, and worship. There's a real presence of God in this place, it is a place of prayer. My husband senses the ancient healing anointing of Jesus is still present.  I hear the church bells ring out and am reminded that God wants to call us to attention to say something.

st neot wooden door

At this point a beautiful angel of God appeared, twice the height of the well house, and armed to protect it. He appeared so pleased we were there and acknowledged us. As we left he waved us off and I could see he had a sword in his hand and was standing guard.  I don't know if he was there all along and I'm only now seeing him, or whether he's come in response to our prayers. When we come to leave, he waves and bows his head to me, and I wave and bow my head back to him and we're both smiling. He is there to do Jesus' bidding. 

st neot water meadow and well

It's a beautiful place, a 'thin place', one where Jesus has been honoured and will be once again. We were led to pray that the miracles which occurred here would be reawakened and that many would encounter the True source of power, the love of Jesus.

st neot ancient celtic crosses

We were then prompted to go and pray in the parish church in the village where St Neot is buried.

st neot inside church


 The tomb is up by the altar and used to be a place of pilgrimage. Again the presence of God was beautiful in the hushed church and it was so easy to pray and linger here.

st neot tomb