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St Mylor Well

St Mylor Holy Well

St mylor well and church

The lovely little holy well of St Mylor is nestled in the churchyard of St Mylor’s church in the hamlet of St Mylor Church, Cornwall, UK. It would seem that St Mylor landed in this spot   in the 400s AD, having come by boat from Brittany. He established his prayer cell and community on this spot, finally being martyred in 411AD here.

St mylor well and channel

Mylor Church hamlet is now a bustling centre of yachting and a sailing community, a far cry from Mylor’s experience, yet as you step into the churchyard the bustle commode ops away. There is a tangible peace and it feels very similar spiritually to St Just in Roseland churchyard where a calm peace permeates the atmosphere. The well is clearly lived and well maintained with an overflowing channel running down towards the harbour. The water was running clear and sparkling and the well was full. 

St mylor well

We decided to pray in the adjoining church which also carried the peace of God’s presence. 

St Mylor well

It was a time of communing with God in companionable silence, heart to heart. Two short poem prayers followed. 


I love the silence in these ancient places

A stillness rarely found

In our modern world of frenetic movement

I hear the whisper

Will you come aside and be with Me?

For a moment I rest

Seemingly outside of time

As the world around me stops

And all I hear is the wind gullying around the church outside

My eyes gaze inward to the King of my heart

To Jesus

Our eyes lock and there’s no need for words

We are together

It is enough



Being still isn’t easy

Inner thoughts dominate

The emotions and stresses churn inside unconsciously drawing us back

Yet to linger, to stay is reward enough

For He draws near in response to our coming aside to be with Him

It is enough