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Lezant holy well

St Michael's Holy Well, Lezant, Cornwall, UK

Location: SX 3379 7919 Ordnance Survey map

Lezant is a small village in North East Cornwall UK not far from Launceston. We parked by the church and went in as the door was unlocked. The church is dedicated to St Briochus and Lezant (or Lansant) means the holy place. Briochus was a 5th century Celtic Christian who went across to Brittany and founded a monastery at St Brieuc. What a lovely experience! This church was so easy to pray in. I went into high praise immediately, then deep intimate worship before moving into intercession and tongues. Whilst worshipping I could see my own spirit dancing with Jesus with such joy. 

Lezant church
Lezant church angel

We then set off to discover St Michael's holy well which we knew was nearby. It actually sits in the hedgerow along the lane going downhill from church. The well house is so unassuming you would just drive by. It's a small squarish building with an unlocked wooden door and plenty of water in the well itself. 

Lezant holy well

It is a very rural and peaceful location in the natural and we settled to pray by the well on the roadside. I was pleasantly surprised to see an angel sitting on top of the well house smiling at us both. In my spirit I hear him say, 'Welcome son and daughter of the Most High God. You are most welcome.' What a greeting. He was wearing robes that seemed pearlescent.  I focus on God and ask him what the deposit is in the Spirit at this well. In a vision I see layers of earth with a rich iron seem running in the middle. I sensed it was representative of the shed blood of Jesus, His sacrifice for the people of this place. This well has been a place of salvation in the past, a holy place where people have met with Jesus and had their lives changed. As my husband loves to talk to anyone who will listen about Jesus, we felt it right for him to pray over this well and for a rerelease of the anointing for salvation and for labourers to be thrust out into the harvest. (Matthew 9:38)

Lezant holy well

We walked back to our car through the churchyard, only noticing at this point it is built on a 'lan' a circular enclosure indicative of an ancient Celtic Christian site. This was a gentle visit but significant.   

Lezant lan