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St Lalluwy

St Lalluwy Holy Well, Menheniot

Little is known about St Lalluwy but there is a church in the village of Menheniot in Cornwall dedicated to them, plus a holy well in the same village. Whilst there is documented evidence of a Celtic Christian community on the site of the present parish church, I am struck by the fact it's on raised ground with a circular churchyard. This is usually indicative of a Celtic site. The church was undergoing renovations but it was still pleasant to linger and pray before finding the well. This was a little way downhill from the church and the well house was in good condition. The access had been recently cleared and it was easy to find it. The current structure is not old but the spring is. Again there is little known about the well, except that the farmer sold it to a vicar for £1 and an easy access was made in to it.

The well was full of water and very clear. As we lingered there was a riot of birdsong all around us. The rooks in the rookery were loud and raucous. A wren sang shrilly, goldfinches chirruped and many others were joining in. It was delightful and noticeable. Likewise many different types of bee were coming down to drink from the shallows of the water and our dog enjoyed a good drink too.

St Lalluwy Menheniot

Why mention these things? Are they of any relevance? I think so. I've noticed on many occasions that places where the presence of God is welcomed the birds and animals are welcome too. Conversely, I've been in places where there is no birdsong at all but a feeling of malevolence. I always take note. I've heard it said that no birds have returned to Auschwitz for example. I'm mindful of the verse in Luke 19:40 when Jesus is speaking of the people around Him, 'I tell you, if these (people) keep silent, the stones will cry out (in praise)' Amp. The birds have not forgotten how to praise in voice.

So we lingered at the well for a while, enjoying the birds but waiting for God.  I wasn't sure there would be anything other than the joy of finding another well but gradually I became aware of God's presence. It was a peaceful place from the start of our visit, despite the adjoining village road but then my spirit opened to God's. I began to see a yellow swirling in the Spirit realm rising up from the well. It was similar to the green swirlings I saw on St Helen's on the Scilly Isles. I'm beginning to associate such things with the presence of angels. As I continued to wait, quietly worshipping Jesus I became aware that it was indeed an angelic presence and then I saw the water turn to a flow of gold and flow out of the spring. Again, I've seen this before at wells and it's happening more and more. I asked God what my response should be and He asked me to throw three tiny things into the well water, two sticks and a stone which would sink. It felt like I was striking the ground by faith for something to be released and I was praying fervently too, for God's glory to flow once more across Cornwall and whatever deposit was at this well in the Spirit of God would come forth. We again sang Spring up oh Well, (Numbers 21;17). This is not superstition but obedience to what the Spirit of God asks me to do as a prophetic act. 

St lalluwy