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St Jame's well

St James Holy Well, St Mawgan in Pydar, Cornwall

St James holy well is situated on the edge of the village of St Mawgan in Pydar in Cornwall. Whilst being called St James today, it was originally the well of St Cadoc a companion of St Mawgan and the name change only occurred in much later centuries.

Unlike St Mawgan's rather neglected holy well down in the village, this  is much loved, restored and even has a notice board about the history. The well house is in good order and there's a beautiful pool alongside the spring which had fresh watercress growing in it. 

St James well st mawgan

This well not only has a beautiful setting but has a beautiful presence of God too. I can immediately feel a build up of tears as I settle to pray but these are of relief because this still feels like a sanctuary in the Spirit realm of God. Two angels are present and they are here solely to minister rest and peace to pilgrims who stop along the way. There is a distinct sense of welcoming and refreshing. Bird song fills the air, which I notice often happens at wells where God is present. As a wren starts singing loudly over us and the rookery strikes up with cawing, I see sky blue in the Spirit realm and it's reminiscent of the crystal sea before the throne of God. This is such a peaceful place I cannot help but linger. I encourage you to visit too.

St James well st mawgan

Cadoc, a Welshman, established this as the site of his hermitage, so that he could hear Mawgan's confession. It was usual for Celtic Christians to establish hermitages within walking distance of each other for this purpose. He is Petroc's (who had a monastery at Bodmin) nephew.

St James well st mawgan