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St Jame's Holy Well

St Jame's Holy Well, Cornwall, UK

Saint Jame’s Well, near St Breward, Cornwall, UK. 

Location: SX091 769

We started by looking for the remains of the ancient chapel which was linked to this holy well and to the west. The owner of a property near Chapel Farm explained that it was believed to have been situated in their grounds but that nothing remained. She pointed out the land where it stood. We had a closer look and in the Cornish hedge were stones which could well have been from the chapel but as she said, there was no other natural evidence. 

Nearby there were also two huge granite slabs either side of an entrance to a stone building which looked like a ruined barn. She'd mentioned that stone had been scavenged from the chapel to build nearby buildings. These stone slabs reminded me very much of the entrance to St Levan's prayer oratory and it made me wonder if they'd been moved but were originally from the chapel. We can't really know for sure. 

This holy well sits in a green glade in a very tranquil spot. St James was a travelling companion of St Samson and his well was renowned for healing eye problems. It is now dry sadly. I settle and wait asking the Holy Spirit to speak to me. He begins to whisper,

‘Hear the wind rustling in the trees, feel the sun warming your skin, hear the buzz of bees going about their business. All is well and all is in harmony, and this is how I intended it to be. I listen to birds singing quietly as it’s midday and absorb the stillness, the hush of a summer’s day.

St Breward old chapel

Possible old stones from the ruined chapel.

St Breward old chapel Granite blocks

Possible slabs from the ancient chapel.

St Breward well house

’St Jame's Holy Well

St Breward dry well

Inside the well house which is now dry.

St Breward well house glade

I hear the Lord say, ‘I am doing a new thing on the land and uncovering the deposits that have been there for centuries. Do not be surprised at the things you’re allowed to pray or the things you’re allowed to decree. For I’m opening up and uncapping spiritual wells that have been capped by the detritus of centuries.’

‘Believe in faith that the prayers of those that have gone before you are being answered today. Many of their prayers were not for their season and not for that time. They were for the future which is your now.’

‘At this well I have placed a holy angel. This is an angel of Compassion for those who are sick and those who are struggling in their minds. You can decree the release of this angel once more over the land for I am giving you the authority to commission this angel once more.’

So in the name of Jesus I commission this angel of compassion for those who are sick and those who are ill in their minds to release the anointing of Jesus once more.

At this point the angel steps into the well and I see in the spirit realm that the water is flowing once more, and it is up to his waist. He stoops down and covers himself with water, then he flings it up and it spreads out across the land and droplets of water come down like tears. They are tears of compassion, tears of hope, tears of love from the Father. They are tears that embrace the lonely, the lost and hurting.

The angel doesn’t stop picking up the water and throwing it out. Whenever he does the wind of the Spirit’s breath catches the water droplets and blows them, so they come down like a fine mist of tears, but it is dew drops from heaven refreshing, soothing and healing.

This well is one where I want to really linger as there is such a presence of peace here, of being safe, of dwelling in a timeless place in the Spirit. It’s easy to commune with God, to relax and be with him. Words aren’t needed, it’s a companionship in the stillness, a recognition that we are in each other’s company.

The well is far less contaminated than I expected perhaps because the water is dry now in the natural and doesn’t seem to be much visited, although someone is tending it and cutting the grass.

I then hear the words ‘Blow Spirit blow’ and so in the name of Jesus, I ask you Holy Spirit to blow. Spirit blow, blow the anointing of this ancient place across the land. Blow the spirit of compassion out across the land, blow the dew drops of heaven to fall upon people who are lost, and hurting, i

And I bless this well that those who visit it will linger in the presence of God and they will recognise there is something special here and ask what is it, ‘What is the peace in this place? Is it more than just the earth and natural surroundings?’ I pray that they will encounter the Holy Spirit of God in this place and have such a desire to know about Jesus.

I pray for a release of the compassion of God across Cornwall for those who are lost, broken, hurting, crying out, desperate. I pray for the compassion of God to touch their hearts. I pray that those who believe that God brings suffering will have a revelation that God can be their closest friend. I pray that they will know the love of God, that Jesus will draw close to all who cry out to him. I pray that the veil of deception by the spirit of the age, will be drawn back and they will see that Jesus loves them so passionately and cares deeply about their suffering. I pray they will see that He wants to help and really cares. Amen.

On uploading my photos when I returned home I was puzzled to see the one below with some interesting additions. Not only the white ribbon like light edged in blue and red, but also a colourful orb in the well itself and purple colours on the stones to the right of the entrance. I have no definitive explanation but the ribbon of light flows where I was sitting praying and I sense this is something of the supernatural captured in the natural. I'm an experienced photographer and I've never seen anything like this caused by sun or technical issues. 

St Breward well supernatural ribbon and orbs