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St Helen's Oratory

St Helen's Oratory and Chapel, Cape Cornwall

St Helens chapel and oratory, Cape Cornwall Sept 30th, 2020

 The remains of this chapel and prayer oratory has to be in one of the most stunning locations anywhere. Situated on a grassy slope overlooking the rugged sea and coastline around Cape Cornwall, it is glorious on a sunny day but must have been unimaginably hard when the Atlantic gales blew in, as the spot is exposed to all the south westerlies. It truly is an 'edge of the world' location. 

st helens2

Sitting in the oratory next to the chapel I’m asking God what he wants to say. There is a deep sense of peace which I’ve come to recognise in these western Cornish holy places. Here there is also a sense of solace. I can see an angel in red kneeling on one knee in the centre of the oratory in reverence to Jesus. I hear a voice speak, ‘sons of God, sons of man have gathered here. Here in the windswept wilds at the edge of the world. People came with their heartaches and sorrows and left with God's solace and comfort. She carried the heart cries of the people in her heart and brought their needs before the Father. She was known in heaven whilst on earth, for her reverent fear of the Lord and her deep love for her fellow man. None despised her, for she was greatly loved by all who knew her. She was a true lighthouse pointing the way to freedom and salvation. She was known by many as holy.'

st helens3

'Many troubled will find me in this place, having reached the end of the road literally, yet still running hard inside. Pray they will stop and linger here, for my angel is waiting to minister salvation.'

The red angel kneels in reverence, but he also has a sword which is pointed down into the ground.

st helens4

I begin to sing ‘Exalt the Lord your God and worship at his feet’. As I do, I’m aware of other angels, cream ones, flying in to join with the worship in excitement.  As we worship, they dance in a circle, clockwise around the kneeling angel, it looks like a Jewish type of dancing.

As I finish worshipping and find myself a bit distracted by other people being around, the cream angels are excited and I hear them saying, ‘Shall we bless them? Yes let’s!’

St Helen's Chapel and Oratory, Cape Cornwall

They ask me what are my needs, and I reply ‘health and courage’ to which I hear the response, ‘They are yours sister daughter’ and there is a deep stillness as by faith I receive and so does my husband.