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Davidstow Well

Davidstow holy well, Davidstow, Cornwall

Davidstow wellhouse close

Davidstow holy well has a rather imposing well house facade and is set in a field. Sadly the whole visit was disappointing. In the church it was hard to sense any presence of God. There was an interesting pew end showing Cornish bagpipes being played but we didn't linger. We were more hopeful of the well. However, this too disappointed. The whole area where it is set seems to reflect the state of the well itself. It's surrounded by scruffy ground full of nettles, thistles and brambles, overgrown and untended. There was no sense of peace anywhere. In fact the atmosphere felt quite unsettled.

I found I couldn't sense God's presence at all and when inquiring of him why, felt him say this well is capped and won't be reopened. That left me a bit sad but we didn't linger. There are no stories associated to this well and it's not known whether St David, patron saint of Wales, actually visited here. However, the fact the village is named after him (Davidstow) and his mother's well (St Nonna) is a few miles away at Altarnun, suggest there is a connection. 

Davidstow wellhouse door

Not a place I'll be returning to. 

Davidstow well inside