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Ruthvoes Holy Well, Cornwall

There are some occasions where you just know the Holy Spirit has instigated them. Our visit to Ruthvoes Holy Well was one such. We intended going to two wells on the north coast of Cornwall but in the morning I had prayed Holy Spirit, blow us where you want us to go.  

I was driving towards the coast when we suddenly passed  a sign to Ruthvoes (pronounced Ruthers) and I swerved to take the turning. I knew some Christians had recently moved into the area, led by the early Christian Celtic heritage and that another family were thinking of joining them. They told me about the holy well and it was one I'd not prayed over, so was excited to visit.

I pulled the car in to let another pass on the narrow lane, only to find myself face to face with one of these people. She was so excited as the holy well is at the entrance to their property. She kindly turned round and took us straight there. Together the three of us prayed at the well.

This was an encounter unlike any other I've had and felt highly significant.

Within a minute of starting to pray I found myself kneeling, then prostrate on the ground, groaning in warfare and the intercession of birthing something in the Spirit realm. I went into vision after vision.

The first was of an ancient stone, long and fairly narrow in width which was capping the well in the Spirit. As we all prayed in warfare, I watched an angel swiftly arrive with a golden sword in hand. He thrust it into the middle of the rock and it split open revealing the golden river of God's glory flowing underneath. We decreed the calling forth of the golden river and ancient well, Jeremiah 6:16 'Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls'. I've seen this river in visions, running under the land of Cornwall for many years. We prayed for the angels who are on assignment guarding this land to once more be released for the purposes of God's Kingdom on earth. They have been present on the land behind the well too, where there was a chapel and prayer.

We asked for revelation regarding the original anointing on Columba and the mantle which fell to the ground at her martyrdom: sensed it was purity, righteousness and fear of the Lord. As I watched and we kept praying, there was a sudden explosion, rather like an eruption and gold from this river was flung upwards and then outwards, forming rivers of flowing gold out from Ruthvoes. Prayed it would flow out from here across Cornwall, the country, the globe.

My husband and I started singing, 'Spring up oh well', the song given us to sing at these wells based on Numbers 21:17.

I could see an angel in red has been present for a very long time at this well guarding the anointing of God in this place, the anointing of Columba which is deposited here. However, as we prayed, it seemed his assignment was complete and he left, only to be replaced by three new angels. The first which arrived was in bright sapphire blue robes, and stood to the right hand side of the well. He is an angel of revelation. Then another arrived in emerald green robes similar to the healing angels I've encountered at other places came. He stood to the left of the well. The final angel was golden, standing in the middle where the water is flowing, and is one which calls people to salvation in the glory of God.


The visions continued and where I'd seen the beautiful golden river running under the land I could now see a pool of deep and clear perfectly pure water. This seemed to be situated underneath the well and representing the purity of God's presence in this place. This pool of water is for the lost, the hurting, extending far beyond the land of Ruthvoes. We called forth the harvest from this martyrdom.

I could sense there were many prayers at this place that had been prayed for generations following and were yet to be fulfilled. There was a joining of the ancient prayers with the current prayers and a sense of now is the time for fulfilment of some of these.

More angels were arriving, descending and ascending a ladder like Jacob's, (Genesis 28:10-17), a portal into heaven. These angels were joyful and danced off down the drive to join with our friends in their times of worship and prayer with God. 

My husband was reminded of the angel rolling away the stone at Jesus' tomb and sensed that an angel has removed fully the stone capping this well, allowing resurrection to come forth. 

This truly seems to be a portal of refuge in the realm of God's Holy Spirit and there is such a sense of expectation that what has been preciously guarded down the centuries is about to burst forth again. 

So much of this ties up with what our friends are sensing for this area of Cornwall but that is their story and not for me to tell here.