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Ruan Lanihorne

Ruan Lanihorne, Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall UK

Ruan Lanihorne is a sleepy hamlet on the Roseland Pensinsula in Cornwall. I visited trying to find the holy well I'd read about but only succeeded in finding the shute overflow of the stream leading out from it. However, the undergrowth in summer prevented me from seeing the well house which is on private land.

The parish church is clearly built on a 'lan' a raised circular enclosure which is evidence of an early Christian settlement and community. The place is associated with two saints, Rumon and Ruan. The latter is also evident on The Lizard in Cornwall at Ruan Minor where there is another beautiful well.

Ruan lanihorne lan

Nevertheless, we sat by the pond just below the shute and asked the Holy Spirit if he had anything to say about this place. We lingered in the sunshine and my friend became aware that Ruan was very precious to God's heart, that he had performed many miracles but that he had been scorned whilst alive which grieved God. He had a great love for animals but was martyred.

I was aware of an enormous warrior angel who had his feet in the pond. He rose about 40' in the air. It wasn't clear what he's guarding and another visit might be necessary to discern why he is still on duty in this sleepy place. God didn't reveal anything specifically to us this time. 

Ruan lanihorne well shute