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Probus well

Probus Holy Well

The holy well in Probus lies adjacent to the boundary wall of the churchyard, and just outside. Today all that remains is a painted pump which is dry. There's no sign indicating its history, although it's well cared for. The churchyard is raised and circular suggesting an early 'lan', a Celtic Christian monastic site. The church is dedicated to St Probus and St Grace, possibly a married couple, as two skulls were discovered when excavating the early site. But to be honest, I can find little about either of them. It seems to be lost in the mists of time.

Probus well

However, there is a story about Probus and Ladoca who has sites nearby. Apparently they knew each other but had disputes about the boundary of their individual lands and agreed to wake at dawn and walk until they met and this would be the extent of each's land. The story goes though that Ladoca had beautiful long blond hair and took longer to get ready so was late for the rendezvous and thereby had a much smaller parcel of land. This folktale really is hagiography and whilst faintly amusing doesn't really indicate very much of truth I suspect.

Probus church

I prayed at both the well and in the church but didn't sense anything in particular that God wanted to show me or say. It was a lovely church though.