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Llangasty Church

Llangasty, Wales

Llangasty church (May 2023)


I felt the Lord say an angel was waiting for us at Llangasty. We went to the lakeside later in the day. It was stunningly beautiful with the sun breaking through the clouds lighting up the water and glancing off the distant Black Mountains. Water birds were puttering about their business, some with young. A male swan was defending his territory whilst a family of Canada geese with two tiny goslings swam by. However, we soon retreated to church because of the mosquitos which were eating us. 


The moment I stepped inside churchyard there was an immediate change of atmosphere and an awareness of deep peace. This was the original holy enclosure, the ‘llan’ where Gastyn had his hermitage. The land felt saturated in prayer and holy. 

Llangasty church

Inside the quiet church we settled to pray and linger in God’s presence. I begin to see a blue herald angel in front of Philip. He reaches out and writes on Philip’s right palm, ‘Philip, the consecrated one’. Then the angel writes on his left hand ‘Philip the majestic one, beloved one’. 

Before long I’m aware of an angel also in front of me in a red cape. He reaches forward and writes on my right palm, ‘Pure, devoted one’. He then writes on my left palm, ‘Consecrated unto the lord’. 

Then I hear the whisper of the Lord, ‘You will be robed in Brecon cathedral tomorrow’. 

I sense tomorrow in the cathedral will be a significant commissioning for us both. (This proved to be the case. You can read the write up under Brecon Cathedral May 2023)


I share these encounters, not to draw attention to us in any way but to encourage everyone to seek God in these ancient places. He longs to speak to each and every one of us, to draw us near to Him, to whisper about our destinies. We are no more special than anyone else. You too can meet with God when you seek Him with all your heart, He promises to be found.

Llangasty dusk